Cat burned in house fire befriends and supports many other animals at veterinary hospital

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The is a gloriously optimistic and charming story. Russell, a ginger tabby, was badly burned in a house fire. He lost his ears which tells you how bad it was.

He has been at a North Carolina hospital, Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care, recovering for 18 months. Demonstrating typical domestic cat resilience and charm, he has used his time there productively in befriending and supporting many other animals.

A vet tech, Megan, said that he wants to be friends with every animal. The animals you see in the photo have since moved on to new homes. Russell remains at the hospital. He has been through a lot: two surgeries and other treatments. His treatments are not finished it seems. Perhaps his place is at the hospital supporting patients. He has found his vocation!

The cost of Russell’s care has been paid for with donations. In the photo above he has made friends with Darla, a baby deer.

In the photo below he cuddles up to Roscoe, a Chihuahua, who lost his left eye in a dog attack.

Russell with one-eyed dog, Roscoe at the hospital
Russell with one-eyed dog, Roscoe at the hospital

Who else can I mention? Ah…a stray Labrador who was hit by a car…

Russell supporting a Labrador
Russell supporting a Labrador

And another dog….

Russell supports another dog
Russell supports another dog. Photo: Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care

We love cats. Is Russell another example of what some people consider to the special character of the male red tabby domestic cat? They tend to be like this.


6 thoughts on “Cat burned in house fire befriends and supports many other animals at veterinary hospital”

  1. And, they say that cats can’t feel the same emotions as humans…
    Compassion and love have no boundaries. The only difference is the ability to express emotion.
    It is our obligation to show our cats how to express in ways that we can comprehend.

  2. He’s a miracle survivor, and his compassionate? behavior is an example of how some humans respond after going through a painful, debilitating experience, by reaching out to help others who are suffering.

    This can’t be explained in rational terms, but speaks somehow of the power of the heart’s language. This is “Russell’s Legacy” to us.

    Thank you for sharing this uplifting story in the midst of so much animal torture and tragedy.

    • Nice point Sandy. He may be reaching out for friendship because of what he has been through. I have a theory that his character has something to do with his coat! That is totally unscientific but over the years I have come to associated ginger tabby with calm leadership qualities 😉 .

  3. It would be wonderful if he could stay there and comfort other animals that come in with special needs. It seems he’s found his place.

  4. Russell is a pawsome (and miracle) kitty. . I’ve been following his story since the event of his family’s house fire. . . he is a very special boy!! ♥♥♥


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