Lack of self-discipline is the main cause of obesity in pets

Obese tabby cat

Twice as many dogs are overweight in America than 10 years ago and it’s worse for cats. Banfield Pet Hospital, a chain of hospitals in America, is well positioned to collect data to allow them to analyze trends in the health of America’s companion animals. They’ve come up with a startling conclusion which is …

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Time to stop chonky cat memes?

Overweight grey cat looks startled

This is an interesting picture of a startled, gray, obese and large cat being held by a smiling young woman. For me, quite a few questions arise from this picture. The first question is where the picture was taken. The first impression is that this is a woman in her kitchen with her obese …

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Middletown family’s domestic cat mistakenly euthanized


NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENT): the story comes from Middletown, USA and is told in the video just below this paragraph by Steve Mago. He tells it movingly. He and his family loved this gray cat who they found in his detached garage and adopted him. They named him Mush and they loved him perhaps …

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Hooligans direct fireworks at police car outside animal hospital frightening the animals

Fireworks set off outside Harmsworth Animal Hospital in North London

NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENT): As an insider I can see a gradual breakdown in society in the UK. People disrespect the country’s institutions including the police. The police have lost the respect of the people as have the politicians and the elite generally. It feels like we are heading for a slow burning revolution. …

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The uncertain future of New York City’s cats during pandemic

Lisa Scroggins, the founder of Little Wanderers, a rescue organisation under pressure, but remaining successful during the coronavirus pandemic in New York City, is nervous about the future of feral and indeed domestic cats in the city. She said that climbing unemployment rates are affecting the prospects for domestic cats in homes, never mind …

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Recognising acts of kindness towards animal rescue during the coronavirus pandemic

Taking cats and kittens to vet surgery for neutering during Covid-19 pandemic

Digging around the Internet, as I do, I bumped into some acts of kindness which don’t necessarily surprise me but which greatly impress me. It is a time during which people are pulling together. There is a comaraderie which is not present in normal times. It’s a bit like the war and I suppose …

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Veterinary clinics should have custom-made cat and dog music playing in the background

Stressed cat at vet's clinic

I’ll focus on cats. Custom-made calming cat music played in veterinary clinics before and during their interaction with the veterinarian reduced stress in cats and made them more handleable. This is the conclusion of a study carried out at Louisiana State University (LSU) called: Effects of music on behavior and physiological stress response of …

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Vet injects cat with euthanasia drug instead of rabies vaccine

Sophie and the animal hospital concerned

Spring, Texas, USA (Houston area): ABC13 reports a terrible animal hospital accident which is heartbreaking for the cat’s guardian and difficult to read for a cat lover. Michelle Olson and her husband had picked up their cat Sophie from the Suburbia North Animal Hospital in Spring, Texas after taking her in for a routine …

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