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cat curtains

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I know, I know…cat curtains to you does not mean a picture of a cat pepping through curtains! But how do I know for sure? Anyway I like the picture, and cats and curtains go together like apple pie and ice cream!

What I expect that people are looking for when they search for cats and curtains are ideas or manufacturers for curtains that jazz up a cat’s cage at a cat show and which have the secondary function, I think, of helping to keep the cat calm; in short, cat show curtains. It goes beyond preferences, in fact, as TICA Show Rules make it obligatory, I believe..””no judging cage may be placed so that a cat in one ring can see out the back of its cage into another cage in the ring immediately behind it.” The same, no doubt, applies to other associations.

Sometimes cat breeders put a cloth over the cat or leave a little den in the cage for the cat to hide under. It can be quite stressful to do a cat show especially for the inexperienced cat and cat owner! It can be good fun too.

The thing is this. When people search for the term “cat curtains” it opens up a feast of possibilities. And although I have decided that it means cat show curtains, I cannot resist showing three photographs that contain a cat and curtains. As I said, they go together. One reason is because cats like to sit at windows and, yes, that is where curtains usually are too.

cat curtains

cat climbing curtains

OK, I have had enough fun. Down to the serious stuff. Here is a video of the kind of thing you see at cat shows in the USA and indeed the UK or Europe generally:

If you play the video out you get a better view of the cat show curtains at the end. These are leopard print style curtains to match the cat (Bengal), obviously. You can see far fancier curtains, however, but these meet the requirements.

I feel pretty sure that most cat show competitors (the people, I mean) make their own cat curtains. But there would seem to be some specialist manufacturers out there, but they are few and far between.

Before I provide some links to these manufacturers here is a picture by LaVon Fabian:

cat curtains cat show

UK Manufacturers – note: these are live Jan 2011 – things change

Cat Show Curtains (opens in a new window). This is a UK manufacturer. Modest prices.

Cat Show Curtains/Drapes – nice site and nice work. I would recommend from what I see.

Cat Show Sets of quality – nice quality.


Here are some links to various aspects of cat show curtains:

Cat Show Curtains – nice work.

A breeder of Himalayan cats manufacturers cat show curtains too

Marjorie’s Home Made Show Cat Curtains

How to make them – can’t vouch for this.

Guide to cage curtains

It seems that there is about an equal number of UK and USA manufacturers but the UK ones are easier to find on the internet.

There is at least one more possibility on the subject of cats and curtains. Internet surfers may be looking for curtains, including shower curtains with cats on them or curtain accessories with a cat theme:

These are north American market products.

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