Cat Shot in Nice Neighbourhood of Charlotte

A sweet black-and-white outdoor cat has been shot at point blank in the chest with a .22 calibre firearm (small calibre). The cat, Miss Kitty (7-years-old) survived but has lost her right leg as the bullet shattered it beyond repair.

Cat shooting - shattered leg
Cat shooting – Miss Kitty’s shattered leg
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“Because it hit her, the shot was in the chest, the intent was probably to kill her so that just threw it to a whole other dimension.”

After Surgery
After Surgery to amputate leg.

Susan Volz, Miss Kitty’s caretaker is naturally shocked and very upset. She can’t believe it. She was not sure at first what was the matter with her cat. She thought it may have been a snake bite, never believing for a moment that someone would want to shoot her cat. As can be seen by the photo below, the neighborhood looks quiet, leafy and, at least, reasonably respectable; a normal place where normal, decent people live or so you’d have thought. Perhaps it is normal for some apparently decent people to shoot cats for the hell it it. I’d bet the person who did it is a perfectly respectable member of the community. But the police won’t find him

The Neighborhood
The Neighborhood

“It made me sick. I wanted to be sick, I wanted to throw up. I just couldn’t believe that somebody could intentionally take a gun to a pet.” (Susan Miss Kitty’s owner)

Miss Kitty was operated on at Sharon Lakes Animal hospital. She is now a full-time indoor cat. Shame that this has shattered a nice community but somewhere in there, behind the closed doors of one of those nice houses is a nasty individual with a .22 rifle who likes to kill animals. The police are investigating. I keep repeating myself; do you have much hope that they’ll find the culprit?

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3 thoughts on “Cat Shot in Nice Neighbourhood of Charlotte”

  1. The bullet travelled through the chest.resting in the leg. Poor cat. Yes,there are some pretty sick tickets in the world.And they appear normal and their friends will protect them.Let’s hope Kharma does it’s job.

  2. So sad.
    But, as Serbella wrote, there are scumbags everywhere.

    Trying to fathom how Miss Kitty was shot in the chest, but the bullet shattered her leg.

  3. No hope at all they’ll find whoever did this. Twisted, seemingly “normal, decent” people live in the nicer areas as well as the ghetto. I think those “fine, upstanding” types are even harder to catch and prosecute because they’re considered pillars of the community.


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