Vigilante group allegedly torture man who tortured cats

Lee allegedly abused and killed cats and was identified online because he uploaded videos of his alleged crimes

NEWS AND COMMENT-EASTERN SUZHOU, CHINA: These are allegations. A Chinese vigilante group have punished a man who videoed himself abusing, torturing and killing cats. This is an example of the citizens of an area taking action themselves to rectify what they regard as a wrong. It is a form of direct action against an …

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South Korea – cats described as “fur cockroaches” and mutilated in a “gore room”

Gore room and fur cockroaches

The Times reports on an incredibly disturbing culture in South Korea. Between 2018-2020 the South Korean messaging app Kakao Talk hosted a “gore room”. In this so-called gore room contributors were allowed to post videos of the mutilation of cats and wild animals. I’m told that members of these sorts of online groups don’t …

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