Big bad China is scared of PUPPIES! A dysfunctional relationship with dogs.

Puppy in China is muzzled otherwise the police would kill the animal

“Owner has to muzzle a PUPPY or the pup would be taken and beaten to death by Chinese police”. This is the claim of an animal advocate on Twitter X: Phaedra. She does not tell us why the police would kill the dog or puppy. I can only guess: the Chinese devalue dogs hugely. …

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Glue traps are a potential danger to cats

Glue trap

Are glue traps dangerous to cats? The answer is yes. English law The danger to cats is highlighted by the fact that in England, anyone who sets a glue trap for the purpose of catching a rodent commits an offence if they don’t have a licence to do so. The relevant law is the …

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White Coat Waste Project files federal complaint demanding government claw back tax dollars wasted by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on abusive and illegal animal experiments

Copper was abused at the Cleveland VA cat lab for 14 months before being put down

Through a freedom of information request, White Coat Waste Project (WCW) have unearthed a report by the Veterans Association Office of Research Oversight (ORO) which documents “years of rampant waste and abuse” and violations of federal law in carrying out cruel tests on cats at the Cleveland VA “cat lab”. And because of these …

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Cambodia’s children are being discouraged to regard dogs as meat

NoToDogMeat education session in classroom in Cambodia

The dog and cat meat trade in Cambodia is thriving as it is in China and other Far Eastern countries. There is, however, a slight awakening towards the immorality, as I would describe it, of this business. There are green shoots as they say of a different relationship between these companion animals and the …

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WHITE COAT WASTE PROJECT ends ALL primate testing and breeding at FDA’s monkey lab

WCW close US government funded monkey business

In another stunning success the White Coat Waste Project (WCW) has achieved yet another victory in closing the FDA’s biggest monkey lab, the National Centre for Toxicological Research (NCTR), which ended all primate testing and breeding. At the time of WCW’s campaign against this waste of American taxpayer dollars and animal cruelty, NCTR experimentation …

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Bull brutally gores young man who taunted the animal in a Spanish bull run celebration

Bull run

This is a stark example of karma befalling a frankly idiotic young man who is playing the macho character in messing around with a bull as it runs down a street in, presumably, Spain where they like to have bull run celebrations. In the celebrations, as you might know, young men dare to take …

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Mississippi cat and dog protection law

Mississippi animal protection law concerning cats and dogs only

The laws of Mississippi which protect cats and dogs from acts of abuse and cruelty are found under the following statute title in the next paragraph. As a whole this statute covers many areas of animal welfare. At the end of the section about injuring dogs or cats I have reproduced an overarching section …

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Domestic animal protection laws of Texas. The law and its rank.

Texas animal protection laws

The animal welfare law protecting the domestic animals (pets) of Texas is encompassed within a statute that is much wider in its ambit and which also includes livestock. The law is called: PENAL CODE, TITLE 9. OFFENSES AGAINST PUBLIC ORDER AND DECENCY. The relevant section is under the heading ‘disorderly conduct and related offences’. …

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