Cymric Cat Pictures

Here’s a series of Cymric cat pictures in a Picasa3 montage that I pieced together. The important thing is that the photographs are by Helmi Flick and the cat is gorgeous. He is a bicolor – black and white – obvious I suppose. The Cymric is a stock, chunky cat which enhances the tailless …

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Cymric Breed Standard

Cymric Breed Standard – This page briefly discusses the breed standard by reference to a Helmi Flick photo: The Cymric Breed Standard referred to is the American Cat Fanciers Association Standard (ACFA). I don’t discuss the full standard but a selection. As is apparent from Helmi’s fine photographs, this cat is chunky, round and …

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Cymric Cat

Introduction The Cymric cat has some interesting things about it that are immediately of note. To some it is not a different cat breed but a long haired version of another breed, the Manx. This calls into question what you call a “different cat breed” and once you go down that road it’ll be …

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