10 facts about the Ocicat

Ocicat photographed by Helmi Flick

The Ocicat is a human-created cat breed; being a combination of the American Shorthair, Abyssinian and Siamese cats. It was originally a mixture of three-quarters Siamese and one quarter Abyssinian with later additions of American shorthairs. The name is a combination of ‘ocelot’ and ‘cat’. In the early days of the breed other names …

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What is an ‘Accicat’


The name ‘Accicat’ is the earlier and discarded name for the Ocicat; the name that stuck. Both names were built on how the breed happened. Accicat is an amalgam of “accident” and “cat”. While Ocicat is an amalgam of “ocelot” and “cat”. Ocicat is the better name. Both prefixes are derived from the history …

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What cat breeds like dogs?

Huge Australian Maine Coon is probably world's longest domestic cat

You can’t ask what cat breeds like dogs because breeders don’t necessarily selectively breed cats to like dogs. That does not mean that breeders don’t socialise their cats to get along with dogs. I am sure that many breeders do but the question therefore is “which cat breeders breed cats that get along with …

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Cat Breeds Linked To The Siamese

There are a bunch of cat breeds that have some Siamese cat in them – the “Siamese family of cats”. It is remarkable how many there are. Unless you know cat breeds well, you probably won’t realize it. Some of these breeds are very similar to the Siamese. Sometimes there is a single difference. …

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The Ocicat

by Sue Threapleton (Yorkshire, UK) Ocicat – this is Nancy, a UK Champion. Photo copyright Sue & Paul Threapleton. The Ocicat has a zest for life that makes it a joy to live with, providing you have the energy to keep up with it!! Inquisitive to the point where it is usually under your …

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