Cats: how to do it!

How to Break Up a Cat Fight (or play fight). Cats know how to do things best.

How to break up a cat play-fight
How to break up a cat play-fight. Screenshot.
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Cats: How to Do It! This is a series of links to all the permutations and possibilities in relation to cats on the How To theme. This is a growing page. When you visit it there may be only a few links. The target is lots. They are coming, over time. Update: December 2021. I failed to update the page. I decided at the time (and this is about 12 years ago) to stop adding to the page. The page was built on the basis that there is a keyword which is the title. In other words, people were looking for information about how cats did things or how cat owners could do things to stop their cat behaving in a certain way. I thought it might be a good idea to do a series of articles on that theme. Clearly, I changed my mind. The page has been republished in December 2021 as I think it is useful still. It has been refreshed and updated slightly.

How To Make Our Cat Happy
Perhaps the first demand on us a companion to our cat is to make her or him happy. Provided the basics are in place: food, warmth and a nice environment, it is then down to play and play and………

How to Stop Cat Waking Us Up
Yeh, this can be a problem for some, particularly if you’re going to work early but not as early as your darling companion cat. I am not sure that there is a whole lot one can do because it is natural for a cat to be alert early but we can try a few things and they are mentioned here.

How to Bond With Our Cat
There is probably some mystical and magical stuff on the internet about this. I haven’t even bothered to look as there really cannot be any fancy methods of schemes. All we need to do is understand our cat and give them what they like.

How To Entertain a Cat
Well I guess this is somewhat obvious. We have to give over a little of our precious time to playing with him or her. At the time of this post there is a successful cat toy on the market and it can be seen in this post. Or we can make our own – there are other options.

How To Mimimize Cat Hair
And I don’t mean shave our cat! Cat hair everywhere is the biggest irritant for cat keepers. There are somethings that we can do to minimize it but we can never eliminate it, of course.

How To Herd Cats
A well known commercial, brilliantly devised by some bright this video features cowboys rounding up cats and on the open plains!

How Long Do Cats Live
The perennial question for people who keep and live with domestic cat companions. This post covers a wider range of ages that just the domestic cat. And even amongst the domestic cat there are a wide range of ages depending on a number of factors, all of which are discussed.

How To Remove Cat Odor
There are a ton of these products. What made be write this brief post was an email from a Bengal cat breeder to a Yahoo Group who had first-hand experience of this product (I also feature another product). See what you think – only available in the UK, I believe.

How To Draw a Cat
The best place to find answers to this question is at YouTube, no doubt about it. That is why I spent some time checking out the best videos, which are set out on this page.

How To Control Cat Fleas
There are many words on this subject on the internet. My simple methods are born out of experience only. There is no wonderful “zap” type quick fix method. It just takes a good routine and some discipline.

How to Buy a Bengal Cat
Here are some useful (I hope and trust) points on this subject. It is not a comprehensive list. Bengal cats are very popular and the market place has thrown up many breeders. We should politely test them in the name of the cat.

How Long are Cats Pregnant
This page shows a range of pregnancy lengths for the domestic cat and a number of wild cats both small and large.

How to Become a Cat Breeder
This is an unconventional piece on a conventional subject. I say that the biggest obstacles are to do with ethics and morality and not mechanics, money and business plans etc.

How to Sue on a Cat Contract
The process should be relatively easy if not very tiresome but the most important part is whether to sue or not and assessing whether there has been a breach of contract and if so how severe a breach.

How to Look After an Old Cat
Nothing really cleaver or fancy. This is mainly commonsense but we all need to be reminded sometimes. The bottom line is that we need to be aware and accepting of old age and accomodate it gently and lovingly.

How to Make an Origami Cat
This is a page containing two nice and popular videos for those who would like to construct an origami cat that does not look like a train wreck.

How Do Cats Purr
This short and concise article provides the answer to this question. Purring is instinctive and does not necessarily signify contentment.

How To Kill a Cat
The answer is don’t contemplate it unless you are in a business where it is legal. And even those businesses should think hard about what is happening. Deliberately killing a healthy cat is wrong morally and legally unless, as stated, it is authorised. I question whether it should ever be legally acceptable.

How to Speak Cat
Well, a lot is written on this. I think it comes down to some basic things and going from there. The rest can be self-taught. But the basics must be in place and once again it really is about our feelings towards our cat as to how successful we become at doing cat speak.

How to Buy a Kitten
This succinct article deals with the various things to watch for when buying a kitten. It is meant to be a kind of aid memoire. Finer details can be then discussed in relation to the specifics of the cat in question.

How to Sex Kittens
This can be tricky as we can all attest. Even breeders get it wrong or struggle sometimes. This page hopes to provide some guidelines. There are 4 similar methods outlined – take your pick.

How to Relate to an Abused Cat
This is about adopting a rescue cat or taking in a cat who has jumped ship and wants to stay with you but who might be abused. I think it boils down to some basic principles and common sense. See what you think.

How To Stop Your Cat Scratching Furniture And Other Objectsby Elen…Elen’s personal views on this subject born out of her own first hand and successful experiences.

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