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How to break up a cat play-fight

Cats: how to do it!

How to Break Up a Cat Fight (or play fight). Cats know how to do things best. Cats: How to Do It! This is a series of links to all the permutations and possibilities in...

Do cats have a sense of humour?

Do cats have a sense of humour?

My opinion is that domestic cats do not have a sense of humour. I explain why in this article. Firstly let’s define “sense of humour”. It is a “person’s ability to perceive humour or...

Kittens social playing

How do kittens play together?

This is called “social play”. It is the way kittens interact with each other. It is different to how children play. Kitten playtime is based on fights and predation (hunting animals) whereas although children...

Cat 'tortures' prey

Why do cats torture their prey?

I have written on this topic before. I am returning to it because I have another idea. There are different situations which require different explanations. Kittens at play When kittens play with toys they...

Kitten programmed to hang onto prey

Kitten programmed to not let go of prey

Nature programmed the cat to hold onto prey tightly. This is amply demonstrated in this cute little video. Have you seen a kitten so determined to not let go of prey? We have to...

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