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  1. her doctor ( i call as her gynecologist, lol) said its excess earwax. i take her in often and get them cleaned but she does shake out dry crud often from her ears. trying some soothing cat moisture lotion and that seems to help. i wash her off often too with her wash cloth and warm water. she loves the warmth.

  2. hi and thanks for the comments. my kids problem is from scratching but her skin is very dry under the neck and along sides below ears. she is an indoor kitty. take her often to her gynecologist ( i mean doctor) as she over produces ear wax and get the ears cleaned as im not able to do so nor want to do it. i have a skin soother from vet but lasts only couple of days. any other ideas? thanks for ur help michael. perry

    • Hi Perry. I can’t add to the dry skin problem. But there may be a connection between the ear wax and the so called dry skin. You should not be seeing ear wax produced. If there is an excess of ear wax it may be due to a parasite in the ear that can also spread over the neck and near the ears: ear mites. Or demodex cati. I would have thought that your vet would have checked for these and decided that they are not present. If not I would ask about them. I feel that there is a link between the wax and “dry skin”.

  3. Hi, have a female 12.5 yrs old. love my kid. All the characteristics I read about. getting a little deaf now and sleeps more in my bed under the covers and in her baby blanket.
    my question is her skin. very dry and sometimes shes scratching to the point of a little blood, always around neck area. wipe her down weekly with warm wash cloth as allergic to her and doctor says to wipe where she licks.
    also, when holding her close she smells old if u understand that. body odor…i use some neosporen on her scratches per my vet for dryness but its not long lasting.
    any idea what to use on skin to keep moist and comfortable? her fur is hardly wavy as it use to be. i love her much and she is a good companion for me. male, 70 yrs old. thanks for any ideas here.

    • Hi, nice to hear from you. Are you are sure the scratching is due to dry skin? My cat, Charlie, scratches around the neck area and shoulders and I am told that it is due an allergy to the flea bite (feline miliary dermatitis – look for small red bumps on the skin or when you flea comb you can feel the bumps as the comb passes over the skin). Although he has no fleas even one bite can produce long term irritation. It may be an allergy like that on the basis that you have checked all the basics such as fleas generally. That is not to criticise you. It is just that these things need to checked out and eliminated from the diagnosis. The neck is where you get fleas and irritation from parasites.

      I am not sure about dry skin. The best book on cat health for cat owners “Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook” does not have an entry in the index for “dry skin”. Nothing. I would tend to focus on parasites, actual or allergy. Also other allergies can cause irritation around the neck.

      I am just giving some thoughts. They are pretty wild thoughts. But your vet has diagnosed dry skin. Do you comb her coat and check it carefully? If the skin is dry I read somewhere that a wet food diet with added olive oil or something similar might help moisturize the skin but that needs checking out. I can’t find anything solid on that. Good luck.

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