Dwarf cats 2023 – full discussion

Manchester a dwarf cat living in Moscow

Update February 2023: this page was first published in around 2007 as I recall. The situation regarding the dwarf cat breed is now more settled. The foundation cat breed for all dwarf cats is the Munchkin. Hybridisation of this cat breed with others has resulted in about a dozen dwarf cat breeds (scroll down …

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Teacup Cats

Teacup cats are fascinatingly delicate creatures. Humans like the appearance of “jewel like” animals and these sweet, very small cats are certainly that. The primary source of information for this page comes courtesy Sarah Hartwell, general research and the PocketKittys cattery (http://www.pocketkittys.com/). A link is not in place at 31-1-10, as this site has be …

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My Cat Ava

My Cat Ava by lori piazza (hudson,ohio,usa) I’ll introduce this very short posting by a visitor. I feel I have to but I have reservations about doing this. I just feel that it shows us a slice of real life. You have to use your imagination to fill in the gaps. Lori’s words are …

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