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Manchester a dwarf cat living in Moscow

Dwarf cats 2023 – full discussion

Update February 2023: this page was first published in around 2007 as I recall. The situation regarding the dwarf cat breed is now more settled. The foundation cat breed for all dwarf cats is...

Cat cafes are normally ethical

Are cat cafés ethical?

The answer can be found by balancing and comparing the negatives of cat cafés in terms of cat welfare against the positives. The answer turns on cat welfare. It had nothing to do with...

Green Fly, Yellow Flower

Many types of bug can feel pain. Discuss.

Scientists at Queen Mary University of London found that insects have an ability called ‘nociception’ which allows them to “detect potentially or actually damaging stimuli”. Humans have a similar process as the source of...


The woke movement and speciesism

The word “woke” is used quite a lot nowadays. It is not clear to some people what it means. Perhaps they aren’t interested in it (understandable). In normal usage, the word “woke” is used...

Cat and grasshopper

Cat food made from insects

There are compelling reasons to manufacture cat food from insects as it is a natural food resource for cats and an excellent source of protein. Importantly, the environmental footprint from insect produced protein is...

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