Energetic cleaning routine for caretaker of 6 cats to remove smells

Cleaning routine for a 6 cat home requires energy to keep the smells down

Well, folks, for those who fancy living in a home with multiple cats, this cleaning routine from a lady who I believe lives in the UK living with six cats, may help. It may help in providing a reality check on the energy and commitment needed to manage the home properly. And it only …

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5 tips in choosing a litter tray/box and the substrate that goes in it

Stainless steel litter tray

Here are five quick tips about cat litter trays and cat litter material. I won’t dwell on this subject too long. These are just my ideas. Each cat owner has their own. Litter box material Normally people buy litter trays and boxes made out of plastic. That’s perfectly normal and virtually all litter trays …

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Cat litter substrate compared (infographic)

Cat digging around in cat litter

‘Substrate’ refers to the litter material e.g. clay or wood. Each type has its pluses and minuses. Personally, when my cat was using a litter tray, I used wood substrate. I found it good at odour suppression and it is relatively good for the environment. But, of course, I leave it to each cat owner to make their own decision. There is a greater emphasis nowadays compared to say 20 years ago to protect the environment so that aspect of the comparison is of greater importance. If the expense is not a major issue perhaps the deciding factor would be environmental impact. Read about Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter – dusty.

How do I know if I’m feeding my cat good quality dry cat food?

Cat in dry cat food

High quality dry cat food results in a cat pooping ‘normally’ in the cat litter box whereas low quality dry food can lead to poor quality, smelly poop and frequent pooping (see below for more details). This diagnostic method requires the use of a litter tray which is not always available to owners of …

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26 facts about ‘inappropriate elimination’

The most common cat behavior problem is depositing urine and/or poop outside of the litter box for one reason or another

Here are 26 facts about the classic domestic cat behavioural problem, namely ‘inappropriate elimination’. It is a problem which has been widely discussed and in-depth. I believe that a succinct presentation on the topic may help some people get to the bottom of it quickly. I hope this page helps. If you have any …

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Foul ammonia odour exposes homes where there are too many cats

Singapore cat hoarder seeks help

I’m reminded by a story from California that it is the foul ammonia smell emanating from homes in which there are too many cats which always exposes these homes to the authorities because at the end of the day a neighbour complains as the smells constantly waft into their home. They might accept it …

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How often should you replace your cat’s litter box itself rather than the litter inside it?

Ceramic litter boxes don't need replacing regularly as they do not harbour bacteria

I have been very specific in the question in the title because Google might be unsure about the article’s content. To be absolutely clear it’s about the possible need to change the litter box itself after a certain period of time because, through wear and tear, it will become scratched. Bacteria can hide in …

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