Cats are better toilet trained than school kids in the UK 2024

Which is trained better? Pet cats or children!?

There is a shocking (to me) story in The Times today about parents who refuse to toilet train their children. Apparently, half of parents in UK believe that they should not have full responsibility for toilet training a child. It’s according to a survey conducted by the early years charity Kindred. Some parents don’t …

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What is the best location for a cat litter tray?

Cat and their cat litter tray

The first point to address is that the litter tray should be positioned to suit your cat and not the cat’s caregiver! This means that it might be better in the living room where you won’t want it but your cat might like it there. Anyway, if you live in a small apartment, it …

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How do I know if I’m feeding my cat good quality dry cat food?

Cat in dry cat food

High quality dry cat food results in a cat pooping ‘normally’ in the cat litter box whereas low quality dry food can lead to poor quality, smelly poop and frequent pooping (see below for more details). This diagnostic method requires the use of a litter tray which is not always available to owners of …

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14 suggestions about domestic cats not using the litter box

It's not inappropriate elimination because for me it is appropriate to avoid the litter tray.

Introduction: The problem of domestic cats not using the litter box is the source of millions of articles. It is euphemistically called “inappropriate elimination”. It is an inaccurate description because from the cat’s standpoint it is entirely appropriate because there’s a reason behind their behaviour and this article sets out 14 different possible reasons. …

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6 tips on cat inappropriate elimination (infographic)

6 tips on inappropriate elimination

I have taken 6 aspects of this euphemistically described form of bad cat behaviour: ‘inappropriate elimination’. It is a very misleading piece of terminology in the cat world. There are other examples such as ‘euthanasia’ at shelters which means ‘killing’. From the cat’s perspective peeing outside the litter tray is not inappropriate but entirely …

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Infographic on 12 reasons why a cat might mess in the home

Infographic on 12 reasons why a cat might mess their home

Well, I think that this extensively covered problem is nicely told in an infographic. So, here it is. It is free to use as stated in the caption. So called inappropriate elimination is a really a euphemism. It means that the cat is actually eliminating appropriately from their perspective but their owner doesn’t like …

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Cat locked out of bedroom defecates and pees on the living room sofa and is called an ‘asshole’

Cats and babies in harmony together

Here is a very typical “bad cat behaviour problem”. And, in reality, it is not a bad cat behaviour problem at all but a human-created problem. Husband and wife have a baby and the baby sleeps in the bedroom with them. All very normal. For years the family cat slept in the bedroom with …

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In cat detectivism the blacklight is your best friend

UV light detects urine stain

Cat detectivism is a phrase coined by Jackson Galaxy to describe figuring out what is behind cat behavior problems such as peeing in the wrong place. You have to approach it in a business-like manner without emotion by relying on the facts. And to uncover the facts the blacklight is useful. ‘Blacklight’ refers to …

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