Likely reason why well-cared for domestic cats leave the security of their home

Dr. John Bradshaw in his book Cat Sense tells us that surveys of domestic cat ownership in the UK confirm that many stray cats have got ‘lost’ (probably temporarily) having left a home in which they were cared for properly. They lived in nice homes with a good owner. This can happen in about …

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Gabapentin substantially improves adoption rate of shelter cats rescued from a hoarding environment

Gabapentin combined with a behaviour modification program can substantially improve rescue cats' rehabilitation and therefore chances of adoption after being rescued from a cat hoarding environment

Cats living with a cat hoarder are almost invariably neglected. They are often only partly socialised, stressed and unhealthy. After rescue, a substantial percentage of them do not take well to a rescue facility. It may be so bad for them that they stop eating and toileting. They are essentially unadoptable because they’re so …

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Woman preoccupied with herself does not realise her Siamese cat is stressed and unhappy

Stressed Siamese cat caused by poor cat caregiving

Yes, I am being provocative and a little tough but sometimes you have to be. The video on TikTok tells me very strongly that this owner (Beth) does not realise that her Siamese cat which cost her $600 (cheap) is unhappy because he or she is stressed. In the video Beth is seen running …

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In cat detectivism the blacklight is your best friend

UV light detects urine stain

Cat detectivism is a phrase coined by Jackson Galaxy to describe figuring out what is behind cat behavior problems such as peeing in the wrong place. You have to approach it in a business-like manner without emotion by relying on the facts. And to uncover the facts the blacklight is useful. ‘Blacklight’ refers to …

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Cats more likely to have behavioural problems when they live with other cats

The multi-cat home. These ones look okay

A survey carried out by the British Veterinary Association (BVA) asked 520 veterinarians what they thought were the most important and pressing health and welfare issues suffered by cats who attended their clinics. And perhaps unsurprisingly, 41% of the veterinarians said that stress-related behavioural problems linked to cats living in multi-cat homes was the …

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Stress during cat pregnancy might make her kittens timid and less adoptable

Pregnant cat

Dr. John Bradshaw in his book Cat Sense writes that if a mother is highly stressed during her pregnancy her stress hormones may cross the placenta and impair the development of her kittens’ brains and endocrine systems. The endocrine system refers to the kitten’s hormones. I wanted to check this and expand on it. …

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Infecting your cat with stress through pandemic upheaval

Julia Bramble and Smudge

The Covid pandemic caused upheaval in the lives of cat caregivers; both at the beginning, during it and at the transition coming out of it. Each stage of the pandemic resulted in change to the lifestyles of cat owners. And any change to a domestic cat’s environment is likely to cause stress in the …

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True or false? Cats are falling ill with stress because owners spend longer at home due to Covid

Hiding is one possible sign of stress in a domestic cat

For a while now, the Mail Online has featured a startling headline which states that cats are falling ill with ‘life-threatening stress’ because their owners are working from home under social distancing rules during the Covid pandemic. That of course is changing as people emerge from their homes and drift back to the office. …

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