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Feline Urinary Tract Infection | Natural Cure — 2 Comments

  1. We had a cat who developed crystals in his urine. If you felt his urine, it felt like wet sand. We did everything the vet suggested for him to no avail. The cat was developing blockages regularly and our vet was at a loss. A vet from the same clinic suggested trying a grain-free moist food for our other cat to help fill his stomach. She told us that recent research suggested a grain-free diet for cats with crystal problems (he had them one time.) We started feeding both cats the grain-free moist food and the urinalysis came back showing no crystals in the cat with the chronic problems. This was the first time in SEVEN years he didn’t have any crystals. We kept him on the diet and he never had a crystal problem again.

    • Fantastic comment. Thanks Donna. Love the comment because it shows that a wet food diet and plenty of water (for example water added to boiled fish) can help keep a cat’s urinary tract clear – flushed. Dry cat food tends to achieve the opposite.

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