Black light helps detect feline peeing issues

Cat pee under black light

Black light is the common term for ultraviolet light (UV) and cat pee glows brightly under ultraviolet light because it contains phosphorus. Therefore a black light has its uses in a cat lover’s home under certain circumstances. Jackson Galaxy says … please continue reading

Connection between Hard Water and Urinary Crystals in Cats

There are strong indications, based upon a study carried out by a large pet medical insurer, that there is a connection between urinary tract health problems, particularly crystals in the urine, and hard water. I think that this is quite … please continue reading

Litter Doctor And Perfect Litter Alert

by Elisa Black-Taylor (USA) Today I’d like to tell you about Litter Doctor ™  and Pet Ecology Perfect Litter Alert ™ and how they can predict cat urinary infections. I’m surprised these products haven’t been invented long before now, as … please continue reading