Homeless cat’s long journey to ‘furever’ happiness

This is the story of Bubby, a three legged, ginger tabby-and-white male cat with sad eyes and a charming character. He lives in Canada. Going back about eight years, he was a street cat enduring a difficult life. He showed up at the home of a man who had a cat named Seson and he let Bubby into his home. The two cats formed a strong friendship but one day Seson died. Bubby continued to visit and was loved by the man’s family but he was essentially an outdoor cat and so he visited often but did not stay. Bubby was well looked after by the man but he, too, died and at that point Bubby stop visiting.

Bubby. Photo: Sarah MacLeod
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And then, some years later in the summer of 2019 he returned. A neighbour, Ray Pinsent, recognised Bubby and he realised that this charming cat needed veterinary help because the years had not been kind to him living through cold winters. Ray wanted to get him to a vet so he knocked on the door of the house which Bubby had consistently visited years ago. The new owner agreed to let Bubby in if and when he visited again.

He duly did this and called Ray who immediately came around to the house to pick up Bubby to take him to a veterinarian. He was dehydrated and in poor condition. Sarah McLeod, a volunteer at Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables decided to foster Bubby but secretly she realised that she was going adopt him. She said, “I knew I wanted to keep Bubby for ever before I took him home”.

She said that she was “in the market” for a cat but she was concerned whether her boyfriend would accept Bubby. After she started to foster Bubby, one day she came home to find him on the floor with her boyfriend. Bubby had climbed onto him and she realised that Bubby had won him over.

Bubby has settled into a loving home where he can be happy ‘furever’ and where he will no longer have to endure harsh days living on the street. I forgot to mention that some of his tail is missing too. It sounds as if he had a car accident.

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