Are servals legal in British Columbia?

The British Columbia law on owning a serval is a mishmash.

The answer is slightly complicated, indeed a mishmash. Servals are not in the Controlled Alien Species (CAS) list for the province of British Columbia. I take that to mean that there are no laws either allowing or prohibiting the possession of a serval in British Columbia. Therefore, you have to drill down to municipalities …

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Bengal cat chases away black bear (video)

Bengal cat chases off an intruding black bear in Vancouver, Canada

NEWS AND COMMENT-BRITISH COLOMBIA, CANADA: The cat’s owner was flabbergasted. He couldn’t believe it. Brothers Gavin and Cameron Sturrock watched as their Bengal cat, Tigger, faced off with a black bear which had wandered onto their property. The Bengal cat did that typical feline thing to make themselves larger by arching their back and …

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286 cats and dogs airlifted from Kabul, Afghanistan to Vancouver, Canada on Russian aircraft

286 cats and dogs on the Russian Ilyushin Il-76 about to be flown to Vancouver from Kabul Afghanistan

OPINION ARTICLE-NEWS: This is the story of a wonderfully successful evacuation of 286 cats and dogs on a Russian transport plane from Kabul, Afghanistan to Vancouver, Canada in which the organisers, Kabul Small Animal Rescue and other organisations, surmounted numerous hurdles with great commitment. It is relatively poorly publicised mission compared to the animal …

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Prevalence of internal parasites in North American domestic cats

Prevalence of endoparasites affecting North American domestic cats

The prevalence of endoparasites (internal parasites) affecting domestic cat in North America interests me, and it might (just) interest other cat owners too. America is the dominant domestic cat region and therefore they lead the world in terms of information on domestic cat ownership. This makes America the starting point, in my mind, when …

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Global warming causes bobcats to eat more domestic cats?


Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada: There is a belief that global warming is causing bobcats to eat more domestic cats. The chain of events is pretty straightforward. Global warming causes more droughts and forest fires. These reduce the number of prey animals. In turn, this means the usual wild prey animals are scarcer for bobcats …

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Would you buy dry cat food made with insects?

Catit Nuna

I would certainly buy cat food made with insect protein. I am very keen on the concept because there are so many benefits. And we can do it right now at least if you live in Canada you can. A Canadian company, Catit, has made cat food with 92% sustainable insect protein. It is …

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