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The British Columbia law on owning a serval is a mishmash.

Are servals legal in British Columbia?

The answer is slightly complicated, indeed a mishmash. Servals are not in the Controlled Alien Species (CAS) list for the province of British Columbia. I take that to mean that there are no laws...

Bengal cat chases off an intruding black bear in Vancouver, Canada

Bengal cat chases away black bear (video)

NEWS AND COMMENT-BRITISH COLOMBIA, CANADA: The cat’s owner was flabbergasted. He couldn’t believe it. Brothers Gavin and Cameron Sturrock watched as their Bengal cat, Tigger, faced off with a black bear which had wandered...

Pet caracal belly up like a domestic cat

Are caracals legal in Canada?

If you want an answer to the question in the title, you’re going to have to phone up the authorities in the area where you live in Canada and ask them. That sounds like...

Cat in snow

Domestic cats love snow and ice

Domestic cats love snow and ice because it is something different. Perhaps it isn’t something different to cats living in Canada or in the north of the US but for a lot of cats...

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