Volunteer choked up about euthanizing all the cats at animal shelter

Sullivan County Animal Shelter cats now dead

All the cats (up to 60) have been euthanised at the Sullivan County Animal Shelter because a kitten adopted from the shelter was diagnosed with feline panleukopenia (feline distemper or parvo). The other cats were evaluated and the decision to … please continue reading

Memorable appearance of a blind cat in Oman

Extraordinary photo of Oman blind cat: Moet

Moet is a blind cat living in Oman. She is all-white and became blind in both eyes through neglect. We are not told what happened but the blindness is almost certainly due to an untreated secondary bacterial infection after a … please continue reading

Animal shelter workers provide 26 coping strategies for those dealing with euthanasia

At risk of euthanasia

In this article I discuss 26 coping strategies for animal shelter workers who are involved with euthanizing animals at shelters. The advice comes from 242 experienced workers who were or are directly responsible for euthanasia of animals at shelters. They … please continue reading

Wow! Yvette has socialized over 700 feral cats (audio interview)

Yvette Harper with one of her cats

Yvette Harper is an extraordinary lady. She understands feral cats and knows that you never force along the process of socialization. It’s baby steps all the way otherwise you get knock-backs because cats lose the trust that has been patiently … please continue reading

Los Angeles feral cat colony caretaker needs URGENT help from fellow cat lovers

Barbara Yabor - feral cat colony caretaker for 12 years

**PLEASE SHARE THIS POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA TO SEE IF WE CAN GENERATE SOME VIRAL ACTIVITY TO SAVE THESE CATS** UPDATE 28 Aug 2018: RESULT! The planned trapping of these cats has been stopped. Please read this page and then … please continue reading