Monumental rescue effort saving cats and dogs destined for China’s meat markets

Jeffrey Beri of No Dogs Left Behind poses with a rescued golden retriever that will taste freedom for the first time

Like others I expect, I am immensely impressed by the monumental effort of Jeffrey Beri and his team at the New York-based No Dogs Left Behind charity in rescuing dozens of cats and dogs in China where they were destined to be brutally tortured, then eaten. They were flown from China to New York. …

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What is the difference between RTF and TNR for cats?

Volunteer looks after a stray cat. This is a glamorised image created by DALLE-E 3.

Certainly! Let’s delve into the difference between RTF (Return to Field) and TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) programs for cats. But first a charming picture created by another AI computer. In summary, TNR specifically targets feral cats, whereas RTF encompasses all cats and aims to prevent euthanasia while humanely managing the cat population. Both approaches play essential roles in cat welfare …

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Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) is treating shelter dogs abysmally

LAAS animal pound showing dogs in distress through neglect

This is a further report thanks to Nathan Winograd who keeps an eye on the state of play regarding animal shelters in America. Thank God for that. It needs to happen. He says, in general terms, that “animal shelters are returning to old practices, including more killing, despite declining intakes”. He believes that the …

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Winograd’s excoriating criticism of Los Angeles Animal Services (infographic)

Los Angeles Animal Services volunteers say that cat rooms are mostly empty because the cats are turned away and abandoned and fed across the street!

In an article by Nathan Winograd published 8 March 2024, he criticises in the strongest possible terms the Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) and the six city shelters (pounds) run by it. He is particularly critical of Jake Miller the volunteer coordinator for LAAS. Winograd says that Miller emailed the volunteers to say that …

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Two Alabama cat ladies sue the police and the mayor for compensation over their unlawful arrest doing TNR

Beverly Roberts shortly before her arrest. The police officer in the picture is one of those being sued for compensation. I bet he did not foresee that development. Good for Roberts. The power of women particularly elderly women. This is a body cam image from another police officer who was there.

Back in the middle of November 2022 I wrote about the shocking news of two elderly ladies arrested for carrying out TNR on public land (link to that article). They were doing the community a service. But two police officers wearing body cams handcuffed and arrested them and took them to the police station …

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Volunteer animal shelter worker banned for criticising the shelter on Facebook

Girard a volunteer at an animal shelter was dismissed for speaking out on Facebook

NEWS AND OPINION: This is a story about an animal shelter volunteer whistleblower who was banned from the shelter. It is about ‘gagging’. And it has happened before, quite a lot in the US. Rhonda Girard was a volunteer at the Beaumont Animal Care shelter. She criticised the shelter management on her Facebook page …

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Kotor Kitties is a brilliant non-profit spaying and neutering cats in Montenegro


This is an article about Kotor Kitties. They have a nice website which tells you how they started. How they grew into an international organisation. The start is always interesting and vitally important. What motivated April Lynn King, a volunteer, board member and a co-founder of Kotor Kitties? She lives in Seattle which, I …

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Animal shelter that says they are NOT a shelter have occupied a zoo

Cat rescue operate out of a closed zoo

St. Cats and Dogs of Nay Aug Zoo (“Street Cats”) is a non-profit animal shelter as far as I am concerned although I stress that they DON’T describe themselves as a shelter which I find strange as it looks like a shelter and a damned impressive one as well. In the video you’ll see …

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