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How does the Thundershirt for cats work? — 1 Comment

  1. The Thundershirt was created for dogs – they like to huddle together for comfort. Cats like to hide, not huddle, but many companies assume that what sells for dogs can sell for cats too, because either they or the owners don’t understand that cats and dogs have fundamentally different ways of coping with stress. One species is highly social when stressed, the other is usually more self-sufficient.

    When Sappho had abdominal surgery she needed a pressure bandage on the incision (she managed to split the stitches). The pressure bandage made her subdues and pretty miserable because she had lost her agility and flexibility. She was unwilling to move.

    Most cats don’t like to be hugged tight (there are exceptions of course). The Thundershirt is a hug they can’t wriggle out of so they go into “freeze” mode. Freezing is an alternative to fight or flight – it’s an attempt to stay concealed until the danger has gone. I’ve always advised people to give their cat a darkened hiding place, not a Thundershirt. At the first signs of a storm, Cindy always hid in the wardrobe. As soon as I saw this, I phoned mum to get her washing in! Cindy always detected the atmospheric electrical changes well before the storm broke.

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