We don’t need to kill cats and rats to stop extinctions; humans need to stop breeding instead

The human disease

I’m going to say the politically incorrect. I’m going to talk about social engineering which you should never do but which you have to talk about at some time. Doing the rounds on the Internet yesterday and today is a … please continue reading

Australian farmers and hunters shot an estimated 158,000 feral cats in one year

Queensland culled feral cats

As part of Australia’s Threatened Species Strategy farmers and hunters shot around 75% of the total estimated number of feral cats killed in 12 months in 2015-16. The total conservative estimated figure is 211,500 feral cats killed in that year. … please continue reading

Disturbing fake letter claiming City Council is conducting a feral cat eradication program

Fake Feral cat eradication program distributed to residents of Townsville, Australia.

Townsville, Australia: somebody has distributed a fake letter through the letterboxes of residents claiming that the city council is carrying out a feral cat baiting and trapping program on Bushland Beach. The letter states that because there is no room … please continue reading

Community cat caretaker at trailer park tormented by evil jerk who traps and allegedly shoots them

RIP Mr. D White - Another victim of the trap and destroy and trap and dump efforts by the evil people of lot 7 and the heartless park owners

There is a trailer park in Lebanon County, PA. It’s called the Bunker Hill Trailer Park in Swatara Township. They have their community cats. A kind and generously sensitive lady looks after the cats and she is going through torment … please continue reading

Contextualizing the predation of reptiles by cats in Australia

Pintupi hunter and dead feral cat

A recent study on how many reptiles are killed by cats in Australia concluded that 649 million reptiles are killed annually by both domestic cats and feral cats on the continent. The news media headlines translate this to cats killing … please continue reading