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Kitten with Severe Anemia and Low Temp — 16 Comments

  1. Many causes of feline anemia, most being flea infestation.
    Two transfusions should never cost more than $60 apiece. If more cited by a clinic, go to another.

  2. I just had to make the decision for my cat for anemia, she was acting funny for a few days, but when she couldn’t walk right I took her to the emergency vet, her blood count was only at 9… The vet said the only option would be a transfusion…but she kind of said she doubted it would work and possibly would need two..
    And it would be at least $1200 , and she didn’t seem to think it would even work…so I made the horrible decision to put her down.
    Now I am struggling with the what ifs and I should haves ….did I make the right decision? I feel horrible about it

    • You were involved in the most difficult of decisions. A lot of cat caretakers go through something similar. Several years ago I had to have my cat euthanised at the end of her life and I fretted over it for months before and after her death. The big question was when was the correct time? I feel I waited too long and left her in pain. The decision is almost impossible to make sometimes.

      All you can do it make your best decision at that time and then accept it and remember her with deep affection.

      I wrote a page about when to euthanise.

  3. I have a spynx cat 2 her red blood count was 7 then went up to 13. all the tests came back negative. cat lukemia fiv and her white cell fine bot now its gone down lower than the first one. been on antibiotics for infectous anemia not that. shes going in tonight to be tested for fip I have lost a cat with this a 18 month ago but he was very jaundiced not anemic. I have two other spynx keeping jezebel as seprate as I can. any ideas what else it could be?if I loose her will devastate me.

  4. My kitten willow had this, we woke up one morning and she was limp and couldn’t move. She had to have a blood transfusion from our other cat to keep her going whilst we had tests. She was tested for feline flu etc and had a bone marrow test to test for cancer. It found that her blood was only at 3% and her bone marrow wasn’t working. She was put on tablets and an atopica solution under the theory that her immune system was ‘attacking’ itself. These effectivly stop her immune system and let it repair. 6 months later she is a perfect kitten and her blood is 36%. There is hope please don’t give up.

  5. Hello, I have a Siamese kitty. She was diagnose with anemia after only having her for a few months. I have had 2 blood transfusions and the vet put her on steroids and a cancer medicine to try to get the bone marrow to work properly. We took her to the vet every month for a check up and her blood count went back to normal. The Vet scaled down the cancer medicine and stopped the steroids. 6 months later she is having the same problems. I have spent a lot of money to keep her alive. They recently put her back on the steroids and I find out next week if she will need another blood transfusion. I don’t understand how she was healty for 6 months and now she is pretty much back to where she started.

  6. Sorry for your loss of your kitten. My Cat was 16. He was healthy up until 5 wks ago. Something happened to his foot and he was limping so I brought him to
    the vet. No one noticed his nail was broke and his pad was swollen. Anyway.after having his blood run,found he was anemic. Within a week of finding this out,I had x-ray done on his foot to find his digit on his toe was shattered and hoping the nail would fall off. It did but I had to keep cleaning blood up from the carpets and floor from his foot bleeding. Needless to same his health went downhill and had to put to sleep on 2/15/13. I will miss him much. Not sure from anemia but it was part of the cause.

  7. My five week kitten was diagnosed with Anemia and Fleas. Her PCV was 6% which for any cat 23% is really bad! — temp. 95.6 pulse: 160 Resp: 32 MM.White Weight:0.320 kg. 0.70 Ib, 0.05 m2.

    My kitten Emi was pretty much considered dead, even the Vet didn’t have much hope for her. She asked my boyfriend Stephen and I if we wanted to put her to sleep which we did not want to do unless we had too. Our Vet consider a blood transfusions which cost about 800 dollars for a deposit and you get 200 dollars back once it’s done. For us it only cost 600 and, let me tell you my kitten is a alive and doing very well. She is now 7 weeks old, running, jumping playing with the other kittens. eating which she wasn’t doing when she was sick. Also, I have to say she the play fullest kitten that my Cat Sassy had. So, please don’t give up on your cats. My kitten was younger then all of yours and she made it. Just have hope!!

    Here is a picture of her:

      • Robert please tell us more. Are you saying that your cat had anemia, was cured and now it has returned? Do you have any idea as to the cause?

        Sorry ignore this Robert as I have just seen your other comment.

        • There thinking it has to do with her bone marrow.
          I did not want to do the bone marrow test 6 months ago because it is very painful for the cat. Her red blood count is low again and they are having us give her steroids everyday and a cancer medicine once a week to try to get the bone marrow to work assuming that is the cause.

          • I sense that the vet is not exactly sure what the cause is. Steroids are a last resort drug as far as I am concerned.

            Siamese cats can have these malaises, undefined serious illness.

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