8 pet health emergency symptoms needing immediate vet attention (according to vets)

5 serious pet illnesses symptoms as per a vet clinic on TikTok

This is a charming, clever little video made by an American veterinary clinic called Alicia Pet Care Center. They describe themselves on TikTok as a ‘family owned, full-service vet hospital in Orange County, CA’. The video maker goes around the clinic asking each employee what they think is an illness symptom so serious that …

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Can fleas kill kittens?

Flea infested flat

Yes, fleas can kill kittens and we have a story today in the online news media to substantiate that statement. A ‘callous breeder’ in the UK abandoned ’25 terrified cats and kittens to starve to death in a flat’. And the Mirror newspaper reports that the RSPCA assessed that two kittens ‘died after their …

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You can give a cat a blood transfusion with canine blood once only

Treating an anemic cat with a blood transfusion of canine blood

The transfusion of blood from another species to another (called xenotransfusion), in this case, canine blood to a cat has been performed and it is still performed nowadays in some countries. It was performed recently in the UK when a friendly, female domestic shorthair cat, Princess, very suddenly became lethargic and withdrawn at home. …

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Cat Anemia Home Treatment

Pale gums in cat with anemia

There are many possible causes of feline anemia. Therefore a diagnosis by a veterinarian is strongly advised to find and remove the cause. My personal opinion is that a home treatment for cat anemia is only possible if the cause is a nutritional deficiency. For example iron deficiency. Some cases of feline anemia are …

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Kitten with Severe Anemia and Low Temp

Hi,I just today had to put my 5 month old kitten to sleep. He had been tested early on for HIV and leukemia and came back negative; also negative for parasites. The past five days he had been progressively become more lethargic and stopped eating. I brought him to the vet today and there …

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