Russian Bred Kurilian Bobtail Cats

This page features Russian bred Kurilian Bobtail cats. You’ll see three wonderful Kurilian Bobtails and links to videos of a special Kurilian Bobtail cat show in Russia to give the flavour of the cat fancy in Russia. In the West we don’t often get to see that.

Russia has an active cat fancy. There are a number of well known purebred cats that have been exported from Russia to the West. The Russian Blue, Siberian and Kurilian Bobtail are probably the best known. I would expect the Kurilian Bobtail in Russia to be more prominent a cat breed at cat shows than it is in the West. It is quite rare at American cat shows, as I understand it.

Kurilian Bobtails from Russia and bred in Russia

About these cats:

  1. The red cat at the top of the series of three cats, is Benjamin Chudo Iturupa, male, birth date 04.12.2007. He was World Champion (WCF). The owner: Vadim Bliznyuchenko, Novosibirsk, Russia, of “Chudo Iturupa” cattery.
  2. The black and white cat in the middle is Kitty Shel Asterix (son of Benjamin), male, birth date 27.02.2011. Grand International Champion (WCF). Owner: Anastasiya Polyakova, Moscow, Russia.
  3. The cat at the bottom is Dolores-Oliviya, female, black tabby silver with white, birth date 02.02.2011, Grand International Champion (WCF). Owner: Polina Kolesnikova, Novosibirsk, Russia.


My thanks to Vadim Bliznyuchenko (Вадим Близнюченко) who owns and manages his own Kurilian Bobtail (Курильские бобтейлы) cattery: He provided the information, pictures and links to videos of these Russian bred Kurilian Bobtail cats.

Russian bred Kurilian Bobtail cats – Notes:

I am not sure, but it is probable that breeders in Russia selectively breed their cats under slightly different guidelines and methods to breeders in the United States. That is likely to happen due to a different culture and different cat associations.

The fact that the Russian cat breeds mentioned above originated in Russia means that the Russians probably know them better and are able to ensure that their breeding remains true to the original. This is somewhat of a guess and if someone wants to make a comment about this page, by all means do so using the form on this linked page.

The cats on this page are registered with the World Cat Federation (WCF). This is an international cat association based in Europe, mainly serving Europe including Russia. America has their own cat associations that dominate the cat fancy in their country.

The Kurilian Bobtail, in both shorthair (KBS) and semi-longhair (KBL), is fully recognised by the WCF, as expected.

Breed standards:

Russian Kurilian Cat Show

The major cat associations, CFA, TICA and FiFé are involved with cat shows in the European part of Russian. And Russia has its own cat associations such as MFA, Assolux, and ICU.

The cat shows are big in Russia. For example, from April 30th to May 1st, at the WCF show in Novosibirsk there will be more than 300 cats of many breeds.

You can see videos of a WCF special Kurilian cat show in Russia:

Russian bred Kurilian Bobtail cats home page.

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