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Leopard kills Buddhist monk meditating under a tree — 5 Comments

  1. No buddhist should be griping about this event as a tenet of this religion is “it just is” implying that what will be, will be and it is not for humans to interfere, harm or blame.

    I agree about cats (and) dogs leading wretched lives due to the refusal to spay/neuter.

  2. Can’t say I feel sorry for them. He was warned and ignored the warning. How many leopards and tigers are killed on their own protected reserves by humans that could care less about the magnificent species. Nope, I feel nothing for him at losing his life. I do hope they will not hunt this leopard.

    • Me too. It was almost a death wish. Perhaps he wanted to be reincarnated as a leopard. Or he had some other misguided reason.

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