Award-winning journalist badly hurt by a domestic cat she was rescuing

Otherwise calm, nicely behaved domestic cats can attack when scared and defensively aggressive

NEWS AND VIEWS: As I buy The Times daily, I know of Carol Midgely. As well as being a columnist for The Times she occasionally helps out at her friend’s animal rescue charity. That’s nice. It tells me that she is a decent person. She went to the home of a recently deceased elderly …

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Lion and tiger can regard humans as dominant which is why staring into their eyes can stop an attack

Dominant stare to prevent a tiger or lion attack

Lion and tigers, the two biggest cats have the ability to regard humans as dominant if humans stare into their eyes when under attack by either. If a human stares like this is signals dominance and the cat is taken in by it as it seems they have the ability to perceive us as …

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69% of Americans think they can beat a house cat in an unarmed flight

How so women feel about beating a domestic cat in an unarmed fight?

69% of Americans, which I take to be an average between women and men, compared to 66% of Britons believe that they can beat a domestic cat in an unarmed fight! If you drill down, the YouGov survey tells us that 58% of British women and 75% of British men believe that they can …

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Can a domestic cat kill a human?

Cat attacks his owner

As the word at the beginning of the question is “can” I can discuss it theoretically. Theoretically a domestic cat could kill a human directly (physically) under very exceptional and infinitesimally rare circumstances but there are probably instances where domestic cats in countries other than in the West have killed humans indirectly by transferring …

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Cat scratches woman’s face multiple times in row over infidelity

Arguing women

NEWS AND COMMENT-FLORIDA, USA: I don’t have an awful lot on this story which is of interest to me because it’s about a domestic cat being used in a dispute between two women who apparently live together. I want to get something off my chest before I discuss the story. A lot of American …

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If my cat attacks someone, am I criminally responsible?

Mercy and one of her wounds

The answer to the question will depend on where you live because each country has their own animal and general criminal laws. However, I would expect that what I say here will apply to all developed countries. In developing countries, the law is likely to be more slipshod. In the UK, the country’s lawmakers …

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