Marvellous Miss Mae

Marvellous Miss Mae

by Maggie

Miss Mae(hem)

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Miss Mae(hem)

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Mae is a beautiful Silver Spotted Tabby, and I'm just going to share a little bit about her. Around January (2010) I was at my mother's house with my two sisters, my friend and my cat, Chilli. A young boy named Cody, about 9, was constantly coming to visit, none of us really minded as he seemed like a good kid...

It was in the afternoon when Cody walked into the room my friend was staying in, my friend was with Chilli asking Chilli why he hated him so much (he's a bit strange) then Cody walked in, stole my sister's iPod and walked out... Anyway lots happened which I won't go into, as this is already too off-topic, but we got the iPod back and Cody was guilt ridden and ashamed...

About 2 or 3 weeks later Cody returned at my mother's house with some sort of surprise waiting in the shed, mum went in and saw a tiny kitten sitting on the bench, she wasn't happy as she was still upset that she'd lost Wilson, and didn't want another cat. When she told me I almost hit the roof, as I can't stand the gifting of animals... Mum asked the boy what he would have done if mum had rejected the kitten, and he bluntly replied saying "I would have dumped it up the bush, that's what everyone else does."

Anyway, when I met Mae I was blown away! She was just so funny! What does your cat do when it's happy? It purrs, paw pumps and... heat butts!! Well, Mae doesn't head butt, she licks!

I took Chilli up to visit her, and it was like love, I mean, hatered at first sight. Chilli LOVED his new girlfriend, but Mae was playing hard to get, and just hissed, growled and oinked (yes, just like a pig!) whenever Chilli tried to get near her. Eventually she couldn't resist Chilli's charm, and ended up following him everywhere!

They're still a little new to each other, and she can still get defensive, but Silly Chilli is behaving like the confident boy in which he is and tackling her like life's a game! (which it is to a cat!)

Mae is very beautiful, she's got an amazing ear set which is placed really high on her head, and although her colouring is quite poor, her spotting is starting to come through more clearly and she's getting more stunning every time I see her! She's indoors only, because what happened to Wilson was very tragic and unnecessary, and we can't let Mae live a life of such risk and disaster..


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Marvellous Miss Mae

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Feb 22, 2010 Cao
by: Julie,Alhambra,Il.USA

Michael moved cao to the siamese cat sight and did a wonderful job arranging her pictures and portrait.

Feb 20, 2010 Thanks Maggie
by: Julie,Alhambra,Il.USA

Buddy is on the "another mouth to feed " in feral cats. It warmed up today and we thought he left. When we returned he was back in his cushioned lawn chair waiting for dinner. He will not let anyone touch him (yet). He shows his teeth and hisses. Michael thinks he looks like a scottish wild cat. Although I have never heard of one in this area. He might be. We do have Bobcat's in the area.I think he looks like Wilson with a bit of main coon cat in him. Our villiage is rural. In fact;we have cow pastures just off main street.We have a colony that has been here at least a hundred year. I'm not a cat snob;I dont care if a cat has papers or a petigree. I love them all. Cats are what they are. If Buddy is wild ;he will asociate us with food but we may never be able to pet him. He will never come when we call him. He will react on instinct. There is a rivers divide between a wild and domestic cat.Ferals are at the center. Right now it's difficult to see where Buddy is.We will take our time and let him decide just how much he wants of human company.
Siamese have a long drawn "reoooow"sound that can get on some peoples nerves. They can keep it going for hours until they get what they want. My husband likes to get up early and every morning I could hear the two of then fussing at one another. It didn't end until the purina sea food cat chow was poured into her dish. She was a gentle loving soul.
My current cats are BB and Freya."The Mummy" shows BB shortly after we got her. She is still about seven pounds. Freya has dubbled her size and is still growing. I think she is going to be a big cat.
Thanks for the pictures and site. I love to look at cat pictures.Topaz is also on this feral cat site. It is definately beter to have known these wonderful furry friends than to go a life time without them. I still tear up sometimes when I remember the loss but there were so many funny,rowdy,amazing,loving moments that it out ways the sadness. I also have faith that we will be together agian.

Feb 20, 2010 To Julie =)
by: Maggie Sharp

Does Cao have a page? I'd love to see him, I'm quite fond of Siamese, and I really like the new bi colours that breeders are introducing...

I suppose if they select people whom they think are good enough to own the kitten there's nothing wrong with not charging money for them, though most breeders use the money to buy food and other stuff for the cats...

You should try hand feeding Buddy, or perhaps placing food near you for him to eat, so he'll then associate you with good things...

I have HEAPS of photos of Chilli, I just started photography actually, but my lens is jammed and will be getting fixed soon so for now I can't take photos... But if you go to my website you can see a lot about Chilli and his breed.

Feb 20, 2010 Miss Mae
by: Julie,Alhambra,Il.USA

What a wonderful cat! So pretty and abounding with personality. We loved the picture and story too.
I also don't approve of the gifting of cats. I have only purchased one cat in my 50 years and that was because I wanted a siamese so badly Cao
was a dream come true.
Our gifted cat was a grey pursian kitten;Reme Bjon.She lived thirteen years.She had a undetected heart defect. Our friends who raise pursians believe that selling a cat is "animal slavery" and will only give their kittens to whom they desided suitable "cat parents". They forgave our purchase of Cao because they saw how we love our furry little friends.
98% of all our cats past and presant have choosen us.Strangly after Cao died,we couldn't go anywhere that cats didn't come out of the woodworks to crawl all over me. It's like they could sense the pain and wanted to help. BB and Freya came in just at the right time. Now we are trying to tame Buddy. Who looks alot lke Wilson only with long hair. We can walk up to him now but he won't let anyone pet him. We are taking things slow and we hope he has chosen us but only time will tell.
Best of luck with Mae. She certainly has charm! Do you have any more picture of Chili?

Feb 19, 2010 To Michael and Gail
by: Maggie Sharp

Thank you both for your comments, though I must make clear that Mae isn't actually my cat. She's my mother's and sometimes Chilli and I go for a visit, though she lives very far from me Chilli and Mae still seem to get on, even though they rarely see each other.

Feb 19, 2010 Mae (hem)
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Nice story, Maggie and may I say, your newest addition is aptly named! what a cutie!

Feb 19, 2010 Hi Maggie
by: Michael

Great story and picture - I enjoyed it a lot. Nice of you to share your experiences again. I remember Chilli very well - heavens, Chilli is good looking!

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