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Missouri Is One of Four States with Operational Gas Chambers in Animal Shelters — 4 Comments

  1. Gas chambers are operated for economy rather than humanely. Many shelters overload.
    Chemical euthanasia can be just as bad
    We need a standardized method that ALL shelters must follow.
    You can TNR every cat with the feral label and tomorrow there will be thousands more that were pets that for whatever lame reason the owners did not want to be bothered with S/N let alone a 15-20 commitment.

  2. And just how does this ungainly large graphic that kills any dial-up user’s account to a standstill (proving how little you care about anyone or anything but yourself, typical), prove me wrong?

    Your anthropomorphizing your own fear of death on all other animals is no proof. That only proves how insecure you are about what is going to eventually happen to you, no matter what you believe or say. Face death, it’s coming to your door eventually–make no mistake about that. Now find the most peaceful method available. And that is one of those “dreaded” gas-chambers that makes you also afraid of death. Grow-up and face reality for once in your mommy’s-basement-dwelling disney-cartoon-educated life.

  3. Cats and dogs do not necessarily respond to hypoxia/anoxia in the same way as humans. For them it can be a terrifying experience (as witnessed through the observation window). By coincidence I had just scanned an item from Cats Magazine (1978) about this. It should only be used for an animals that is too dangerous to be handled.

  4. Educate yourselves on the true effects of “death by hypoxia”, loss of oxygen. Whether from replacing oxygen with inert gasses like argon, carbon-dioxide, helium, or other non-toxic gasses. Or by simply removing the air in a low-pressure chamber emulating high-altitude conditions. Scuba divers who die this way even have a name for it, they call it “Rapture of the Deep”, because it is such a blissful and pleasing experience that the diver doesn’t even know they are going to die in the next few minutes.

    It is actually the most humane and blissful way for any sentient life-form to die. BBC even did a remarkable documentary on this titled “The Science of Killing” when confronted with researching the absolute most humane ways to end a violent criminal’s life.

    You’ll be surprised to find that this form of death is even more humane than lethal injection, or any other way that every other living thing on earth will eventually die. Should I ever be allowed to choose how I will die, I will gladly choose death-by-hypoxia, no contest.

    Why are you so against this? Because someone less educated than you told you to be against it and now you are condemning all living things that must be put-to-death to a less humane and more excruciating way to die? That makes no sense, now does it.

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