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Twenty-two year old feral cat sanctuary has to be relocated — 3 Comments

  1. Let’s ignore the stupid remarks of Jacie Drecker, since there’s no indication of the number of cats originally, so natural attrition may well have brought the number down. Possibly a new cat joined the colony here and there – doesn’t happen much but other stupids sometimes will drop one off. So there’s no real indication TNR isn’t working, and studies clearly show ferals don’t have any more disease than owned indoor/outdoor cats. Keep your cats in and they aren’t likely to get anything anyway. In any case, that’s not the question here. But if there’s only a dozen cats and five are adoptable, and there’s 7 volunteers – each volunteer need only take on one, or maybe two until the adoptables find homes – problem solved. Don’t have enough space? Build a cat enclosure – http://www.just4cats.com or google “catios”for ideas.

    • According to everything that TNR practitioners claim, that existing cat-colonies will fight-off any newcomers. I guess you are declaring that even that isn’t true. Yeah, you can see now why people are fed-up with TNR promoters’ consistent lies. Nothing new, and everyone knows it now–even you.

  2. 22 years? Everyone was promised that all feral cats would “humanely” die-off from natural “attrition” after only 5-7 years. Why isn’t TNR working as they claim? Perhaps the owners of the property are finally fed-up with the blatant and now-proved lies of TNR cat-caretakers. I don’t blame them, one bit. I would be too. If for no other reason than to protect my own cats from all the deadly diseases that their cats can spread to my own loved cats. There is absolutely nothing sane about what they are doing.

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