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One of many Munchkin cat pictures by Helmi Flick of the now famous calico Munchkin dwarf cat: Galadrial – an incredibly handsome cat. I’ll be honest, I am not sure what gender Galadrial is. I think she is female. No doubt I will be corrected.

Galadrial is probably the most famous dwarf cat on the planet. I picked this nice photograph because there are two little things about it that I noticed. Firstly Galadrial has a lot of fur between the toes. This is the sort of thing you see with Maine Coons and Persians; perhaps other long haired breeds too. Have a look at Yeri a traditional Persian, he is superb. Secondly, Galadrial has her tongue out, licking her nose.

This is because she is a little uncertain about things up there on a photographic studio platform with several people looking at her as well as a camera and flash lights. In the photographic studio, these show cats cope really well, some better than others, but it will make them a bit uncertain and nose licking is a sign. It is displacement activity. This is the same as us scratching our heads or bitting our fingernails.

That said, Ken and Helmi Flick make their clients right at home. It is a very pleasant atmosphere for a cat. It is just a bit unusual.

If you have heard of dwarf cats and seen one it was probably a Munchkin. There are 13 different breeds of dwarf cat though. They are a bit controversial for obvious reasons. At one time Paris Hilton had adopted one. She was prone to buying animal companions as an accessory. The thing is though, she probably bought a dwarf kitten because the adult dwarf cat is almost as large as a cat with normal leg length. The only small part is the legs. She may have handed her cat over after he grew up because she likes to pop them in her handbag or carry them in her arms as she charges along through the premier boutiques. I don’t know though.

The naming of the dwarf cats is interesting by the way. I wondered where the name, Galadrial, came from. “Galadriel” is a JR Tolkein female character from Lord of the Rings, which may be the inspiration.

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