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My 18 year old cat seems to be going deaf and has health problems. Advice? — 3 Comments

  1. Ellen you are doing the very best you can by allowing your cat to stay and eat in a quiet place. With her age and her illness and her hearing and sight loss she is feeling very vulnerable. She has found a place she feels safe in and you are the person she loves and needs right now.
    Explain to your partner this is essential to keep her last days warm, comfortable and fear free. Remind him that one day he will be old and maybe disabled and/or ill and then he will want a safe warm place to end his days in too.
    Surely he can find it in his heart to be kind and patient about your much loved cat.

  2. Think of her as an older human. We get frail. Lose our hearing and eyesight. We sleep more and we have more accidents. Kitties are mammals and susceptible to the same wearing out of their bodies. Like Michael said, love her, take extra good care of her, spend lot’s of time with her and let her enjoy her last days. Would love to see picture or two.

    • Yes, that was my thought. Older people need patience and support in the same way. Old cat often have dementia too which causes more problems. Patience and acceptance is needed. It is difficult to see your beloved cat fade.

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