My shelter moggy Snow White’s 2nd anniversary

My shelter moggy Snow White’s 2nd anniversary

by Finn Frode
(Copenhagen, Denmark)


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Sunbathing Snow White and Milly Our daily walk Snow White

Today is Snow White's 2nd anniversary with us. Eight months earlier we had lost our wonderful young Somali Ivanhoe to FIP and as we came to realize he was irreplaceable, the logical thing to do was to find a totally different type of cat to keep old Norwegian Milly company.

So we started looking for a mixed breed domestic, 3-5 years old and preferably a neutered male as they usually get on better with other cats. One of my brothers had adopted cats from shelters before, so I knew what great cats can be found there.

The two nearby shelters didn't have any suitable candidates, or rather the ones that seemed suitable to us were labeled for adoption to homes with garden only - and at the time we still lived in a third floor apartment. We cursed their rigid policies and started checking the websites of other shelters.

A shelter out in the country (Grevinge Dyreklinik) seemed promising with many adult cats, so my wife and I got on the train to see for ourselves.

The shelter was run by a young female vet and appeared well managed in every way. No small cages - most of the cats were in one large group with access to an outdoor cat run. I was a bit surprised to see 20+ cats living together without apparent aggressions and stress, but it really shows how adaptable cats can be. Much more social than often believed.

One by one the cats came up and greeted us by rubbing their chins. There were two great looking orange toms, both very social, but this was not to be their lucky day, as they reminded my wife too much of our family's first legendary cat, orange Rudolf. And another one seemed friendly enough but unfortunately blew his chance by snapping after her hand. They were fine cats anyway and must have found new homes with somebody else.

The adult toms were all huge and we were getting a bit worried that maybe Milly's position as No.1 cat could be challenged. And so we switched our attention to the smaller females. A very special tortoiseshell was considered for a while, but then a rather plain looking black and white tuxedo cat caught our attention.

She had probably been asleep when we arrived, but now she sat on a shelf looking curiously at us. She responded well to our advances and purred as we petted her. It was my wife who had first spotted her, but I instantly fell for that cute black and pink nose. Two days later I returned and picked up our Snow White...

So instead of the young male we found a 8-9 year old alpha-female. And as I have described in other pages about her, she is a really good cat - and in my biased eyes of course perfect in every way. I take her for walks, my wife plays with her and even old Milly likes her although she still pulls her rank sometimes.

The irony is that during her first months with us Snow White sometimes snapped too when she got overexcited. I soon had her stop that habit, but had she attempted snapping at the shelter, my wife would certainly had ruled this wonderful cat out. Yes, sometimes little things like that changes history... πŸ˜‰

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My shelter moggy Snow White's 2nd anniversary

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Nov 08, 2010
Snow White
by: Ruth

Happy Anniversary Snow White.
I love your photos Finn.
X Snow White X Milly (
for each furry head)

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Nov 08, 2010
What luck for all
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Michael. Yes, lying like that she really asks for some belly stroking. I never can resist the opportunity, but I have to read her all the time. That vulnerable position is a sign of trust and the cat might suddenly change her mind. Luckily my parents taught me that from a very young age...

Elisa - I couldn't agree more. Cats like Snow White once knew a good homes and were loved by somebody. For whatever reason that stopped, but still they carry with them the socialization and personality developed at an early age. They've done nothing to deserve ending up in a shelter...

And Dorothy - she is lucky indeed having found a new home, but really it's my wife and I, who had the greatest luck finding this loving, well behaved, playful old girl. She gives us nothing but joy, really. πŸ™‚

Nov 06, 2010
Lucky Snow White!
by: Dorothy

I love reading about her walks, and seeing her so content. What a lucky girl that you spotted her! Happy Anniversary sweet lady.


Nov 05, 2010
She's beautiful
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

And I also prefer to adopt older cats. When I visit a shelter, an older cat makes it's disposition known immediately. With a kitten, you never know how the personality will shape up. And I've found older cats better behaved in the curtain climbing category.

Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos.

I LOVE cats!!!

Nov 05, 2010
by: Michael

Snow White seems to be a very cuddly cat! When I see her that is what I feel like doing....

Michael Avatar

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