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Hi everyone…For those who haven’t read my diary that I wrote over a year ago, you can find it here:


..and part one leads to part two, three, four, five, six and seven as it is quite a long story. Auntie Elisa told me I should keep on writing but I never seemed to get around to it, although my diary is in an ebook here on PoC it doesn’t have any pictures in that and although I say it myself and shouldn’t, I’m a handsome chap.

This year has flown over and I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas again.

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You may think it a little early to say HAPPY CHRISTMAS but the reason is because lots of little kittens will be given as Christmas presents. I’m very worried that everyone still doesn’t know that declawing a cat is a very cruel operation and I hope reading my diary will enlighten them.

Sometimes cat doctors offer to do it even when kittens are only 3 months old so they recover quicker and some people think because the vet says so, it is right.

But it isn’t right at all, it ruins cats lives at whatever age we are declawed.

My life was ruined when I was declawed.

Cats need claws to be happy and scratching posts and pads to exercise and stay healthy.

I am very lucky as I have a wonderful life now.
That is, apart from the troubles I have from losing my claws. I go regularly to see a very nice doctor who never ever declaws cats and who gives me medication to help my pain when my arthritis is bad.

But hey, my mom and dad suffer it too so they understand when I am feeling unsociable, although they say their pains are just age related and not caused deliberately like mine were.

I have such exciting news to tell you,

I now have a sister !

She is called Muriel.

Mom went to visit the shelter where she used to volunteer once and there was a poor little declawed cat sitting in the back corner of her cage and she hissed as mom went near.

You see no wonder she was anti social as it’s horrible having no claws and seeing other cats with scratching posts to exercise on and able to hook catnip toys and play. But people who go to visit say they don’t want to adopt a bad tempered cat that hides in the corner.

The volunteer lady that mom was talking to said Muriel would probably have to be killed very soon as she was taking up good space and hadn’t much chance of being adopted.

Well you can guess what mom said and when she came home carrying a basket I went to see who was in there.

When Muriel came out I was so overjoyed I jumped in the air and told her I would look after her. She said but she had no toe ends and sometimes her paws and legs and back ached so much that she couldn’t be bothered to be nice and sometimes she felt so defenseless knowing anyone could hurt her that she got confused and bit kind people.
She was sad when I told her it was the same for me, but when I told her mom and dad understood all that and made allowances for us she purred with happiness.

How wonderful it is to have a sister, she has been with us for a few weeks now and we are such good friends and we sleep curled up together and wash behind each others ears and she tells me her secrets.

I told her she should write a diary just like I did, but she says she can not bear to write about the awful things that happened to her from the day she was left at the vets when they took her toe ends and claws away.

I went to see Santa Claus last Christmas

Maybe this Christmas, Muriel will come to see Santa too.

She is feeling better after seeing the nice doctor who gives us medicine to make our pain bearable.

I love having a sister and maybe one day she will tell everyone her story…

PLEASE everyone help us to stop declawing, which is the legalised abuse of cats.

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Dec 03, 2011 Happy Christmas
by: Edward

Welcome back Sebastian and happy Christmas to you and Muriel.
I hope more people read your diary and it saves a lot more cats claws.
It doesnt bear thinking about the Christmas kittens being doomed to lose them before theyve even had chance to show theyll use a scratching post.

Dec 03, 2011 Sebastian and Muriel
by: Maggie

It’s great to hear from Sebastian, again. Unfortunately, Muriel’s story is far too common. Too many cats sit in shelters with no toes, and no chance of being adopted. Instead of buying the crushed, clawless cat, people adopt the happy little kittens. And then, they declaw those happy little kittens, and those kittens wind up being the clawless cat, dying in the corner.

I hope one day Muriel tells her story, it might be enough to save someone else from having their toes hacked off.

Merry Christmas, Sebastian and Muriel!

Dec 02, 2011 Sebastian and Muriel
by: Rose

Sebastian I loved your diary last year even though it made me cry buckets and I’ve often wondered how you are.
You saved a lot of claws by bravely telling your story.
Happy Christmas to your lovely mom and dad and to your new sister Muriel too.

Dec 02, 2011 Welcome back
by: Barbara

Welcome back Sebastaian I have missed you and I wondered how you were fairing with your poor declawed paws so I am glad to know that the pain is under control but sad to read that your new sister Muriel had also been so badly treated, declawed and then made homeless, thank goodness your mom rescued her. I hope Santa makes all your wishes come true, in particular I hope Santa can help us bring about an end to the declawing of cats in the USA. Maybe a little cat is Israel asked Santa last year to help end declawing in his country, and it has now happened, so let’s hope this year is the turn of the USA.

Merry Christmas Sebastian and Muriel

Barbara avatar

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