‘Ballerina cat’ features in the Sony World Photography national winners

Ballerina cat

A photograph titled ‘Ballerina’ by Kazutoshi Ono, Japan, was award 2nd place in the Sony World Photography awards. I am unsure but I believe this means that Kazutoshi came 2nd in Japan. It is a fine cat photography. I have taken an extreme liberty in publishing his excellent photograph here. If there is an …

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Parents have more photographs of their pets than their kids or partner

A photo of my cat on my phone. I took this photo of a photo while writing this article. It was dark outside.

A survey by OnePoll concluded that the British people have more photos of their furry friends on their phones than they have of their kids or partners and they take an average of over 400 photographs every year of their pets! In an apt turn of phrase on the passing of the Queen, it …

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Eureka! Joyous photo of cat mom who found her cat after a hurricane

Cat lost in hurricane found after 16 days

This joyous photo sparkles with energy and excitement because the woman has just found her cat among the rubble of her home which was destroyed by a hurricane 16 days earlier. She found her cat after more than a fortnight of searching and it is no surprise that she is incredibly excited and pleased. …

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Wonderful photo showing the indomitable spirit of Ukrainian women and their cats

Karkiv Metro home to 800 Ukrainians including from left to right Olga Mospan, Zoya Demchenko and her daughter Natalia and cats Basikand Kuzia

This is a wonderful photograph by Richard Spencer for The Times and it is published here via Getty images and Narcisco Contreas/Anadolu Agencies. I hope that they allow me to publish the photograph on my website. I would claim fair use but I am in their hands. These three indomitable women and their two …

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Ukraine army cats and dogs – animal therapy and sad abandonment

Ukraine Army Cats and Dogs

There are so many pictures of cats and dogs being cuddled and loved by Ukraine army personnel that a wise person has created a Twitter account to show them off. It’s doing very well with about 15.2k followers at the moment. That’s good in a very short timeframe. And it is no surprise to …

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