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Study shows that stress placed on veterinarians can cause ethical conflict and other problems — 6 Comments

  1. This was and is part of the job. What they really need to learn is moral accountability when they kill a pet with negligence.
    I suggest you run a background check on any DVM you plan on hiring to care for your pet.

  2. As I’ve stated a number of times recently, I just had another cat euthanized and I think both my vet and a trusted friend here fail to understand and accept my reluctance about it. I did view the idea through my pet’s eyes and what I saw was that Einstein still enjoyed life as he always did, though not getting around as well and probably feeling sick. I watched him every minute and didn’t mind helping him with all we could do for him, money no longer being a hindrance as with my other cats in the past. The vet tended to look at what was wrong with him or what she couldn’t fix – that he was simply broken and useless and a reminder of her own limitations, that she’d also face the same dilemma with her own cats one day. Rationalizations and thoughts of selfishness on the pet owner’s fault should not be the only considerations. I know that if the question could have been put to Einstein whether to die or not would have been answered with an immediate NO, so that should be considered too. As I said I followed through with it anyway under pressure, but I maintain my belief as I stated here. Not happy about it either way and I’m tired of feeling like I’m the bad guy, even though it’s not said to my face.

  3. I’ve seen the result of a vet who was reeling from these stresses and not able to acknowledge or ask for help.

    His manner changed in both the handling of one of my cats and also to us. He did apologise, when questioned, on both occasions, but it was very obvious that the stress was eating him alive.

    The stiff upper lip, the constant exposure to companion animals/carers in distress/pain, the lack of emotional support and commercial pressure from bosses are particularly cruel and harmful.

    I wonder if human doctors have any buffers in place to help them with these issues? Maybe the institutions teaching both types of doctor could work together, share resources, help those students and juniors to cope better?

  4. I totally understand how stressful a truly compassionate veterinarian’s job would be. The four reasons stated as issues causing conflict are huge factors. I would feel the same.😢

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