UK vets are overcharging for medicine (and allegedly services!)

UK vets investigated for overcharging

I’ve just written an article about an investigation into veterinary fees in the UK. There are allegations that they are overcharging because independent vets have been bought up by big corporations and there is a loss of competition and perhaps an overemphasis on profits (corporate greed versus independent vets being less commercially-minded). Today, in …

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Veterinary staffer wrote F word expletive in bold marker pen on dying cat’s incubator for all to see

Dying cat in incubator

NEWS AND COMMENT – Beckenham, Greater London, UK: This is shocking to me and many others. I’ll start with the picture which tells the entire story, actually. I don’t need to add many words because you can guess what is going on. The problem is I can’t publish the photo on this page as …

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Has your cat been traumatised by a visit to the vet?

Vet with cat. The way it should be.

I was reading a section by Dr. Desmond Morris in his book Catlore and he suggested that sometimes domestic cats bite the hand that strokes them because of a traumatic experience they’ve had in the past and one example might be a visit to a veterinarian. Morris suggests that sometimes veterinarians, being fearful of …

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US state of New Hampshire considering a ban on cat declawing

New Hampshire considering banning declawing

More good news on the American domestic cat front. More common sense within the world’s biggest domestic cat marketplace. More ethical thinking. More resistance from the veterinarians to ban declawing which surprises me. In fact, it shocks me that veterinarians in America resist so vehemently what they promised to do in the first place; …

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Disgruntled pet owners disillusioned with private equity-owned veterinary practices in UK

Barkley a bright and loving cockapoo who was injured by an animal hospital leaving him doubly incontinent

NEWS AND OPINION: Britain has changed in almost all respects and for the worse. One area of life that has gone to the dogs is veterinary clinics since the independently owned businesses were bought up by private equity firms. Back in the day each veterinary clinic was owned and managed by the vets themselves …

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Veterinarians should use their brains and not fight cats

Veterinarians told to not fight cats in consulting rooms

This tweet has gone viral and you can see why. It is both amusing and wise. It is advice provided, I am guessing, from a veterinary association or head vet, which states under “Handling: General considerations”: “The cat is faster and has sharper teeth and nails than you do. It has no “code of …

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Alabama veterinarian grossly abuses elderly cat while being filmed

Alabama veterinarian, Dr Logan, abuses cat while being filmed

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is sheer horror. It is gut wrenching and it makes my heart race. I have to comment on it. This is not just about news. Although the news about this act of gross abuse by a veterinarian on an elderly cat (about 19 years old) is emerging on news media …

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Can you sue a doctor (veterinarian) for wrong diagnosis?

Animal doctor (veterinarian) with young cat in vet clinic

Veterinarians are called doctors. You can sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis but the whole process is usually highly problematic. You know that something went wrong and you know that your cat received poor treatment by your veterinarian and as a result your cat either died or suffered injury. But you’ve got to prove …

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