Why are cats perversely attracted to people who dislike them?

Domestic cats might make a beeline for cat-phobic people because they are more passive than those who want interact with the cat but are strangers

Some people think that domestic cats, rather perversely, are attracted to people who don’t like them. And if this is true at least to some extent, it deserves an explanation. And the reason is probably fairly straightforward namely that in a room of people where one or two dislike cats and into which a …

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Cat lover Pope Benedict XVI was misunderstood

Pope Benedict XVI and a black cat

Pope Benedict XVI was the head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State from 19 April 2005 until his resignation on 28 February 2013. Joseph Ratzinger, a cardinal before it became Pope Benedict XVI, was an academic and philosopher. He chose to take the route of academia and then to …

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Fearless Rafael Nadal is the GOAT in tennis but frightened of cats and dogs

Rafael Nadal with Boris Becker and his dog Sumo. Rafa looks concerned

The world has just watched Rafael Nadal prove his great tenacity, fearlessness and competitiveness when competing at the highest level in his chosen sport, tennis. He’s just won his 21st major title after one of the greatest comebacks of all time and after he has suffered health problems with a painful foot. He doubted …

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What do you call someone who hates cats?

No English language word for cat hater

There is no single word in the English language to describe someone who hates cats. However, you probably know that there is a word for someone who is excessively frightened of cats: ailurophobe. It comes from the Greek words αἴλουρος (ailouros), ‘cat’ and φόβος (phóbos), ‘fear’, which create the word ailurophobia, meaning a fear …

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A dozen reasons why people hate cats

Why do I hate cats?

There are many reasons why some people hate cats. All the reasons can be turned around by education, understanding and tolerance. In other words the reasons are often false and cat hating is often based upon misconceptions and a lack of education about cat behaviour. However, some reasons are intractable. Misconceptions Many people have …

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Parents who broke their promises and gave away their kids’ cats when they were at college

Text message after parents gave away kid's cat while she was at college

God this is bad behavior from parents. There are two examples on Reddit of parents reneging on their promises to look after their kids’ cats during their first year at college. Instead of looking after the cats they gave them away (or worse) and the kids’ hearts are broken and they can’t trace their …

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Love Island snowflake lads terrified of tabby cat who wanders onto set

Love Island snowflake lads run from domestic cat

Love Island is a British reality show that I never watch. It is a show about body image with brains parked. The young men and women strut around like peacocks showing off their bodies. They find love and there is a winner. It is very popular with vacuous television fans. A tabby cat walks …

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