Why are cats perversely attracted to people who dislike them?

Domestic cats might make a beeline for cat-phobic people because they are more passive than those who want interact with the cat but are strangers

Some people think that domestic cats, rather perversely, are attracted to people who don’t like them. And if this is true at least to some extent, it deserves an explanation. And the reason is probably fairly straightforward namely that in a room of people where one or two dislike cats and into which a …

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Is the golden age of pet cats over?

Cat-phobics persecuting the cat in medieval times

In the 1950s, more new cat breeds were created than at any time before or since. In those far off days, criticism of the cat for destroying wildlife was relatively uncommon. Of course this was well before the internet. Internet social media has been a very powerful tool for a significant percentage of people …

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Cat Husband Phobia and Cat Phobia

This page tackles phobias concerning cats from two perspectives. Firstly, I discuss the unusual situation where the family’s cat is terrified or has a strong dislike of the husband; the cat suffers from “husband phobia”. Secondly, I present a couple of videos which discuss a person’s cat phobia, called “ailurophobia” (liking cats is called …

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