Why do cats expose their soft belly and then attack you for petting them?

I have my own answer on this but before I put pen to paper I decided to do a bit of research but couldn’t find a decent answer. Lots of words written but no clarity and really no definitive answer. These are my thoughts, for right or for wrong. The first and perhaps fundamental …

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Why do cats dislike being petted on their stomach?

Domestic cat belly rub

You’ll see various theories for this aspect of feline behaviour. In general, domestic cats are indeed reluctant to be petted on their stomach. I want to try and answer the question because the National Geographic’s reason is that the hair follicles on the belly and tail are hypersensitive to touch. This is incorrect in …

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Why do cats show their belly?

Answer: because they trust you sufficiently to rub their belly which they like. This has been discussed before on PoC and countless times elsewhere but I want to briefly touch on it again. This is really about cats doing something that they enjoy. They enjoy having their belly stroked but it does require trust. …

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