Picture of a black jaguar aka black panther in South America

Black jaguar aka black panther in South American jungle

RELATED: Picture of a beautiful black jaguar a.k.a. black panther (melanistic jaguar) Misidentification as Black Panthers: Black jaguars are sometimes confused with black panthers, but it’s essential to clarify that “black panther” isn’t a distinct species. Instead, it’s a term commonly used for melanistic leopards and jaguars. Both black big cats belong to the …

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Jaguarete – mystery cat?

Picture of a melanistic jaguar

The jaguarete is better spelled with an accent acute over the last ‘e’ like this: jaguareté. This means it should be pronounced: jaguareteh as in saying ‘eh you’ or ‘Eh? What’s this?’. I don’t believe that it should be capitalised because it is not a proper noun. Although early naturalists referred to the jaguarete …

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Where is the black panther cat from?

Ghost markings of the black panther aka melanistic jaguar

The term “black panther” normally refers to a black leopard or jaguar and it can also refer to a black mountain lion (puma). So, you can see that the ‘black panther cat’ is actually three different species of wild cat. Therefore, to answer the question in the title you have to ask where the …

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Big cat sighting in Southern Italy is likely to be genuine

Big cat sighting in Italy?

This is one of the few possibly genuine big cat sightings in Europe. So often they are domestic cats. There is an innate fear of cats which promotes many false big cat sightings. However, it is probable that the three big cat sightings since January 15th of a large black cat, a panther, in …

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Picture of a black panther walking along the roof of a building in Armentieres, near Lille, France

Black panther on roof in France

This is a genuine black panther. It is not that big because the cat is 6-months-of-age. The cat is a melanistic jaguar or leopard. It is more likely to be a leopard. The cat was owned illegally by a French person and has been captured and tranquillised. ‘Black panther’ does not describe a species …

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