Picture of a black jaguar aka black panther in South America

Black jaguar aka black panther in South American jungle

RELATED: Picture of a beautiful black jaguar a.k.a. black panther (melanistic jaguar) Misidentification as Black Panthers: Black jaguars are sometimes confused with black panthers, but it’s essential to clarify that “black panther” isn’t a distinct species. Instead, it’s a term commonly used for melanistic leopards and jaguars. Both black big cats belong to the …

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In Mexico, jaguars and pumas are eating more monkeys thanks to human activities


Abnormally, jaguars and pumas in Middle and South America (Neotropics) are attacking and eating primates (monkeys and apes) rather than ungulates (hooved animals) because of human activities resulting in prey depletion and deforestation. As usual, these human activities have a negative impact on these top predators which threatens their survival. It’s unusual for both …

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How many jaguars are left in the world 2022?

jaguars in water

There are two very sad facts to report in answering the question in the title. Firstly, there are websites and videos which greatly misrepresent the world population size of the jaguar. For example, there’s a video on YouTube which says that there are almost 200,000 Jaguars in 19 countries including America. The video is …

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Trump’s Mexico-US wall would jeopardise ocelot conservation

Ocelot in Sonora just south of Arizona

The news surrounding Trump’s great wall has subsided but its construction is still on the table and it is still a danger to wildlife conservation and in particular for the ocelot. This beautiful but endangered small wild cat species has been documented as living in Arizona since the 19th century but they were heavily …

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