Infographic on US state of Virginia poised to ban cat declawing (the third state)

Virginia poised to ban declawing Nov 19, 2022

To anyone who cares anything about animal welfare this is great news. Great credit must be given to the politician who is introducing the proposed legislation (see infographic). The declawing of cats, for non-therapeutic reasons, in America and to a lesser extent in Canada is one of the world’s greatest examples of violence against …

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Celebrate! The declawing veterinarians of America are in retreat!

Maryland state Sen. Cheryl C. Kagan D-Montgomery holds her corona kitty. Kagan sponsored a bill that would make Maryland the second state in the country to ban declawing cats

NEWS AND COMMENT: I have a feeling that the obnoxious declawing veterinarians of America are in retreat. And the average cat caregiver, not even animal advocates, are making their voices heard because they now thoroughly understand that the declawing of cats is unnecessary and cruel. It is described as barbaric by people like me …

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