Sweden’s cat lovers like the Ragdoll and Maine Coon

Raggie and MC are the two most popular cat breeds in Sweden

Statista tell us that the favourite cat breeds of Sweden are the Ragdoll, Maine Coon and Siberian in that order for the top three. The selection is very similar to that which you’ll find in the US and other Western countries except for the Siberian, which originates in Russia. Raggies have to be pliable …

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Pets4Homes rank Savannah cats third most popular UK

Savannah cat at home!

Pets4Homes, the UK’s biggest pet sales website, tell us that the Savannah cat has jumped 9 places upwards in the popularity stakes to third place after the Maine Coon which comes first and the Oriental Shorthair which ranks second. It’s been a long journey for the Savannah cat; a breed which is known for …

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People want calm and sociable pets and for dogs, the goldendoodle is the biggest draw for a family pet

In the UK, as at 2024, the popular dog breed is the goldendoodle and the popular cat breeder is the Maine Coon as per a Pets4Homes survey.

A study based on sales and adverts placed on the Pets4Homes website which is, by the way, the UK’s largest marketplace for pets, found that people with children born during the Covid-19 pandemic are searching for calm and sociable pets. I think it would be fair to say that you could successfully argue that …

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GCCF registration of cat breeds 2010 compared to 2020 indicates breed popularity trends

Blue British Shorthair

These are the purebred cat breed registrations at the number one cat association in the UK – the GCCF – over the period 1988 to 2010 to which I have compared the 2020 figures. They are published with the association’s permission. The spreadsheet was compiled in about 2008 and is therefore now of historical …

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Infographic: Ragdoll is the world’s most popular cat breed

Picture of the perfect Ragdoll cat

According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) the Ragdoll is the world’s most popular cat breed and has been for the past four years. The Infographic relates to 2020. The infographic is interesting, as well, for the fact that it shows the other most popular breeds. We know that the Maine Coon is popular …

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Cat breed popularity – top 3 at 2022: Bengal, Maine Coon and Persian

Maine Coon most popular cat 2022 with Persian in second place

Introduction The big question is how do you decide which breed is the most popular? Or the top 3 most popular cat breeds in the world. What criteria do you use? Are there records? Is there enough data on the Internet to decide the most popular cat breeds? Back in the day, they used …

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