EU advises a period of darkness every day for breeding cats and dogs

Breeding male cat in darkness as recommended by the EFSA to ensure that they maintain their circadian rhythm

The Commission of the European Union commissioned one of their agencies, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to produce a scientific report on the welfare of cats and dogs in commercial breeding premises destined for sport, hunting and as companion animals. They addressed several issues including the housing of the cats and dogs and …

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World leaders must know that climate change is scaring the shit out of people (infographic)

Most Americans say climate change will destroy Earth in their lifetime

It seems to me that the people who have the power to do something about curbing climate change are not taking it seriously enough judging by the fact that they’ve been talking about it for almost 30 years and yet climate change is still getting worse as I type this. Thirty years to do …

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A majority of Australians are in favor of domestic cat containment

Domestic cat in a sparsely furnished modern home which has not been made mentally stimulating for the cat

The perennial issue of cat containment in Australia has resurfaced. The Conversation, in collaboration with Monash University, conducted a study to gauge the support among 3,400 participants for cat containment policies. These policies would mandate that cat owners confine their pets to their property, presumably indoors or within a designated outdoor enclosure. The study …

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Assessment of cat behaviour during a cat show tells us that they are habituated to them

Cat at a cat show. The picture was created by AI's DALL E 3. The cat is a ginger tabby glamorous household pet as the cat fancy calls non-purebreds

In general cat show cats are habituated to the noise and unfamiliar people. There’s a study out online entitled “Assessment of cats’ behaviour during a cat show“. The scientits came to the conclusion that “the cat show environment represents a situation full of stressful stimuli for the cat; despite this, our results have identified …

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People want calm and sociable pets and for dogs, the goldendoodle is the biggest draw for a family pet

In the UK, as at 2024, the popular dog breed is the goldendoodle and the popular cat breeder is the Maine Coon as per a Pets4Homes survey.

A study based on sales and adverts placed on the Pets4Homes website which is, by the way, the UK’s largest marketplace for pets, found that people with children born during the Covid-19 pandemic are searching for calm and sociable pets. I think it would be fair to say that you could successfully argue that …

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Educationally challenged, poorer Chinese residents are in the socio-economic group more likely to have problems with community cats in China

The treatment of community cats in China is dependent on where they are and the educational attainment of the residents. In general community cats are treated better in China than news media sometimes portrays.

In contrast to what Westerners might perceive as a generally difficult relationship between Chinese residents and feral cats, a study published on 5 February 2024 concluded that it is primarily a “vulnerable group” of residents which have difficulty in dealing with community cats in the urban environment both in terms of their relationship with …

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Declawed cats do not have more behavioral problems than cats with claws. Discuss.

Review of some declawing studies

It is claimed in a series of studies around 2015 that declawing did not alter the behaviour of domestic cats. In fact, the operation pleased the owners and it helped to prevent the abandonment of those cats to shelters. I would like to quote a few of those studies and then discuss the results. …

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Cats as “starter children”. The biggest worry is consistency of pet poop!

Humanising cats conducted a survey with 2000 pet owning participants (April 2021). I believe they were Americans but we are not told. The findings are interesting if not – in the case of one statistic – a bit shocking. Here they are: What I take from this survey? Cats and dogs are often child substitutes …

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