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One of the rescued Sphynx cats looking okay thankfully

20 Sphynx cats rescued

NEAR EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA – NEWS (COMMENT): CTV NEWS (and this story is unique) reports that an Edmonton cat rescue has taken in 20 Sphynx cats after they were removed from a home near...

Modern Siamese cat

Picture of gargoyle modern Siamese cat

This is a picture of a modern Siamese cat. Some people don’t like me using the word “modern” in relation to this cat breed. For them, the elongated face of the Siamese cat combined...

Ragdoll Ophelia

Do Ragdolls have health problems?

The question is asking whether Ragdoll cats have health problems over and above the normal health issues that a domestic cat encounters throughout their life. In other words, is the Ragdoll cat predisposed through...

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