Pet food banks should also stock over-the-counter cat and dog spot-on flea treatments and provide advice

It is a simple formula. I recently posted and article about a pet owner who asked this forlorn question: “What do I do if I have three cats and one dog all with fleas and I can’t afford flea medication?” [link to the post] The person was lost. In a state of affairs where they were unable to do basic cat caregiving.

Pet food banks should also stock over-the-counter cat and dog spot-on flea treatments and provide advice

Flea prevention is basic cat caregiving. Fleas are the most prevalent of all cat diseases. They are an ectoparasite sucking blood from a cat or kitten and injecting tapeworm eggs in the kitten at the same time. Fleas are massively commonplace. They’re everywhere in hundreds of millions of homes in many countries particularly warm ones or warm regions in continents like North America.

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Fleas can kill kittens. They cause harm and cause distress to the infested kittens and cats. So, when a man or woman cries out on social media as described about a flea infestation in their home it looks desperate and unnecessary to me. They need help either because they have fallen on hard times or they have failed to budget properly to ensure that they can afford to look after four pets.

No matter the reason. What to do? They need charity. There are pet food banks across the US. As you can buy spot-on flea treatments for cats and dogs online or from pet shops without a veterinary prescription, I can’t see why the pet food banks can’t stock flea treatments and provide some basic advice at the same time. I can see the volunteers at these charities beign well able to give flea treatment advice. If they are unsure they can swot up on it or ask their vet. There could be an advice counter at the charity’s outlet.

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If this idea was in place already and the person I mention had access to a pet food bank stocking flea treatments and providing advice they’d have a ready solution to their problem.

My considered guess – based on years of reading on this topic – is that there are many other pet caregivers in the US and the UK for that matter who would welcome the kind of support I have mentioned.

My advice to the person with a flea problem in their home is to read the following page. It will need a hoslistic approach from them by which I mean clearing the entire home of fleas. There is no point clearing fleas from cats with insecticides if the fleas are all around the home waiting to jump onto the pets when the owner forgets to apply Frontline.

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Pet food bank near me (map?). USA and UK.

Although food banks for people are well established, there is a growing need for pet food banks, which is an expanding area of operation and as yet there are no umbrella organisations providing pet owners in need with a definitive map covering the UK or any other country (except for the USA! – see below) on which you can find the food banks of that country. Normally, it just isn’t as easy as that, unfortunately.

Pet food banks map USA
Pet food banks map USA. Screenshot from Alley Cat Allies map. See link below to access the map.

I plan to update this page as and when necessary, as this is a developing situation as the cost-of-living crisis hits the UK.


The USA appears to be better organised than the UK in this regard and probably other countries. The well-known and well funded Alley Cat Allies animal welfare charity very usefully provides a Google map of pet food banks in America. It looks pretty comprehensive to me which I am delighted about. Please click on this link to see their Animal Food Bank Directory. I can’t publish their map here as publishing rights are restricted to their site only.

Another US organisation, The Colorado Pet Pantry, has a Google map showing pet pantries and pet food banks which I present below. This may help. It is a Nationwide Pet Food Bank List.

One thing you can do is to go to the Facebook website and use their custom search facility which is top left on the page and search for “pet food banks”. They will point you towards food banks internationally. For example, they list Fido Pet Food Bank which I understand is based in Oregon, USA. If you use Google search and search for “pet food banks USA” you will see a good list.

Another charity on Facebook, The Pet Food Bank, may be useful. It is not clear from their Facebook page as to where they operate but it is in the USA. I am not impressed I have to say but they may help.


My objective was to provide such a map for the UK but it is too difficult so what I will do is try and provide some pointers as to how to get to that pet food bank which might be near you.


The first point to make is that the big animal rescue organisations such as the Blue Cross and the RSPCA are involved in building a pet food bank network. For example, the RSPCA has a pet food bank project in Greater Manchester which is expanding into further areas of the North of England. I would, therefore, make contact with the RSPCA either online or via the telephone and ask questions.

The RSPCA have charity shops which act as a kind of agency. People who want to donate can bring pet food to these places and the food can be accessed by pet owners in need. There’s been a big demand placed upon the RSPCA food bank project.

Also, the RSPCA has partnered with nearly 40 food banks across the north of England. I believe that they deliver pet food to food banks for people. And therefore, I would suggest that you contact existing people food banks and ask whether they have pet food as well. There’s a lot going on. For example, the RSPCA say that they average 10 deliveries of pet food every month and each delivery consist of approximately 2000 kg of pet food. These deliveries are to people food banks.

To recap there appears to be two sources of RSPCA pet food, both are charity shops and existing people food banks.

Blue Cross

The Blue Cross is a major animal welfare network and they, too, are building a network of pet food banks. They say that many existing people food banks do not currently offer pet food. They want to change that. They collect donated pet food at various sites including their various rehoming and advice units including the Manchester rehoming and advice unit and the Grimsby animal Hospital.

And they are working with partner organisations in the cities who can contact them to work with the Blue Cross to deliver pet food parcels to those in need. I would therefore, contact the Blue Cross for further details. I can’t provide hard details here because they aren’t available to me.

Wales, UK

In Wales, there is a Pet Food Bank Service which is a registered charity covering Cardiff, Newport, Caerphilly, Swansea, Gilfach Goch, Merthyr and Pontypridd and their outlets are expanding. They have a Facebook webpage which you can access by clicking on this link. There is a map below courtesy of Google maps which shows you some of their outlets.

The Society for Companion Animal Studies has quite a useful page with some pointers on resources providing pet food bank services. Click on this link to see the page. Please remember that sometimes external links break and no longer work. I cannot guarantee that external links will last for a long time.

There is a Pet Food Bank in High Wycombe and surrounding areas and they have a Facebook page (click here to see it). You might like to visit it if you live near there.

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