Price, size and glamour of Savannah cat often depends on their filial

F6 Savannah cat compared to F1

I recently reported on a current news media story about the popularity of the Savannah cat in the UK. Pets4Homes say that from their online adoption data that the Savannah cat is Britain’s third most popular cat breed. And The Times newspaper, which reported on this say that kittens can sell for up to …

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‘Don’t get a puppy or kitten if you can’t treat them like actual beings’

Dog begs to be adopted by neighbour as they are fed up with the bad caregiving and the cold environment they live in.

The words of the title are not mine. They come from a social media user. The woman, Mona, wrote a story about a dog that begged to be adopted by the owner’s neighbour – her husband. The picture was taken by her husband as the dog was pleading. You know the old adage that …

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UK cat fancy out of touch with the reality of the Exotic Shorthair’s lack of health

Exotic Shorthairs are cats that are not as healthy as they should be and adopters of this breed need to be aware of this as it affects the cost and quality of caregiving

Today, in The Times, there is a photograph of Rupert, an Exotic Shorthair purebred cat who has been named by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCC F) as the Best Household Pet at a Leicester cat show; Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. Rupert is a ginger tabby cat. He has beautiful copper eyes and …

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Corvid family of birds like to eat waste wet cat food

Corvid birds like to eat waste wet cat food

The corvid family of birds includes the following species: crows, ravens, rooks, magpies, jackdaws, jays, treepies, choughs, and nutcrackers. They are omnivore generalists eating: invertebrates, nestlings, small mammals, berries, fruits, seeds, and carrion. They have adapted to the human environment and “have come to rely on human food sources”. They eat anthropogenic (human) foods, such as: bread, …

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US families dump pets as caregiving costs surge (Dec 2023)

American families dump pets as costs surge

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a sad but probably predictable story made worse by post-Covid inflation. The news media report that American pet owners are concerned about the economy. And some are under financial pressure because of inflation which, by the way, is the same in European countries although inflation has significantly dropped. And …

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Flat-faced cats take longer to be rehomed than moggies after being dumped over care bills

Tear duct overflow due to a deformed drainage system in a flat-faced Persian who also seems to be suffering from a deformed mouth due to the same reason: extreme breeding

The RSPCA tell us (via The Times – thanks) that dumped Persian and Exotic Shorthair cats at their rescue centres take longer to be rehomed than moggies because people have begun to understand that there are expensive caregiving bills which is why they were dumped in the first place. It would appear that, finally, …

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Questions to ask yourself before adopting a cat

Should I adopt a cat?

Perhaps the most important moment in cat caregiving is before you start. It’s asking yourself a range of tough questions to check whether you are in a position to do justice to caring for a domestic cat companion. It is tough because instinctively you want to adopt a cat or a dog. Perhaps you’ve …

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Pet health insurance essentials infographic

Pet health insurance

I felt that an infographic would be a great way to present the essentials of pet health insurance. I sometimes also feel that the insurance companies deliberately make things complicated to entice customers to sign up to the kind of policy terms and conditions that are best for the insurer! Cat owners should also note that perhaps the best form of pet health insurance is a personal savings account! Although that does require a lot of self-discipline to ring fence the saving account into which you transfer around £50 per month. Once the savings have built up you have an insurance policy without an expensive admin fees. It is my personal favorite form of pet health insurance.

Pet health insurance essentials.
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