White Coat Waste Project files federal complaint demanding government claw back tax dollars wasted by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on abusive and illegal animal experiments

Copper was abused at the Cleveland VA cat lab for 14 months before being put down

Through a freedom of information request, White Coat Waste Project (WCW) have unearthed a report by the Veterans Association Office of Research Oversight (ORO) which documents “years of rampant waste and abuse” and violations of federal law in carrying out cruel tests on cats at the Cleveland VA “cat lab”. And because of these …

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VICTORY: Court advances WHITE COAT WASTE PROJECT’s lawsuit against NIH’s illegal foreign animal lab loophole

WCW versus NIH

WHITE COAT WASTE PROJECT (WCW) has won an important legal battle against National Institutes of Health (NIH). Background WCW’s mission is to “unite animal-lovers and liberty-lovers to find, expose, and defund wasteful and cruel taxpayer-funded animal experimentation.” They represent both animals and American taxpayers. In respect of animals, they are the voice of the …

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ASPCA, HSUS and Best Friends criticised for how they spend their wealth

3 top USA animal charities criticised for how they spend their wealth

Three major American animal welfare charities have been criticised on how they spend their money. These charities are the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Best Friends Animal Society (Best Friends). Criticism The criticism is that the proportion of donations that …

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Kind acts like volunteering for an animal charity beats therapy for depression

Doing kind acts can reduce depression

Depression or just feeling down is not uncommon. It’s part of life. We need to accept it and enjoy the moments when we feel livelier and happier. But if you’ve ever felt blue and I’m sure pretty well everyone reading this has at some stage, the secret to boosting your mood is to do …

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Extraordinary picture of Johnny Depp cradling a young orphaned badger

Johnny Depp at Folly Wildlife Rescue holding a young badger raised at the rescue

Johnny Depp visited Folly Wildlife Rescue, Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom, yesterday. While he was there, he was allowed to enjoy the rare privilege of briefly holding Freddie (named after Freddie Mercury) one of the many orphaned badger cubs that the charity is hand rearing. Johnny Depp, they say, was bowled over by the whole …

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Charity calls for ban on breeding of wild cat hybrids

Serval rescued from France

The Wildheart Trust has launched a campaign to ban the breeding of wild cat hybrids. I’m referring to the cross-breeding of wild cats with domestic cats to create a hybrid which at the first generation is half wild cat and half domestic cat (first filial). At subsequent generations there is less wild cat blood …

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Shraddha Kapoor is an animal lover

Shraddha Kapoor

I am an instant fan of Shraddha Kapoor. I had no idea who she was until about five minutes ago when I discovered some nice things about her. She posted to her Instagram account a very short video of a feral cat being rescued near her home. She has 51.9 million followers on her …

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She can’t hear or speak. She cleans the streets of Chennai, India. She feeds and talks to the stray cats and dogs.


This is the kind of woman for whom I have so much admiration. Her name is Rita akka (elder sister). She is inspirational despite being unable to hear or speak and despite having the hardest and the lowliest of jobs. And despite being alone because her husband has died and her daughter, 17, has …

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